Breville Barista Express Leaking Water – 6 Main Causes and 6 Simple Solutions to Fix Water Leakage

If you are using the most famous Breville Barista Express coffee machine at your home and facing a water leakage problem, then you have reached the right place.

There can be several problems that can cause abrupt water leakage in your Breville Barista Express machine.

It can happen because of some internal damage or maybe the water tank is not placed properly.

In that case, you can reinstall it to check if it works properly.

It may occur due to improper administration of the machine.

Sometimes, the gasket undergoes wear and tear with the time.

If the water line is clogged, then also the machine can leak water or coffee.

It is necessary to take a good care of your machine and descale it on a regular basis to avoid such leakage problems later on.

In this article, first I am going to explain 6 main reasons that can cause water leakage in your Breville Barista Express machine.

After that, I will also provide 6 easy solutions that you can implement at your home to fix all types of water leakages in your Breville espresso machine.  

You will also learn how to replace the gasket and fix the leaking tank.

So, without much delay, let us get to the main point of this article.

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6 Main Problems that Cause Water Leakage in Breville Barista Express Machine

The 6 main problems that I found, which can cause water leakage in the Breville Barista Express machine are listed down below.

1. Broken Water Tank:

The first reason can be a damaged or broken water tank.

The water tank is mostly made of plastic material and it holds water for the coffee machine.

If you have been using the coffee machine for a long period, then the water tank can break from wear and tear after heavy usage.

I recommend to avoid cleaning the water tank in a dishwasher.

The hot water can damage the tank.

A simple clean up with soft cloth and soapy water is sufficient in my opinion.

2. Damaged Seal:

The seal can be damaged after some time.

If the seal is damaged at the bottom of the machine, it’s likely to leak water.

The accumulation of limescale damages the pipes in the machine.

3. Hose Malfunction:

Sometimes, the hose can burst or get damaged.

The hose pumps water up in the machine.

The hoses have high pressure and can crack at the junctions after heavy usage.

This will result in water leakage of your machine.

4. Damaged Resistance:

If the resistance of the machine is broken, then also it can start leaking water.

Resistance heats and partially stores the water.

Limestone can cause the resistance to break, eventually, resulting in leakage.

5. Damaged Filter Holder

After few months of regular usage, the filter holder of the machine can lose its waterproof capability.

The filter holder is used to crush the coffee grounds.

The percolator also contains an O-ring. 

Damage to the filter holder will result in water leakage.

In that case, it will no longer be a waterproof percolator.

6. Clogged or Broken Nozzle:

Scaling of the steam nozzle can also lead to water leakage.

The steam nozzle converts boiling water into steam.

If it is damaged or clogged, then it may result in water spilling all over your counter.

6 Easy Solutions to Fix the Water Leakage of Breville Barista Express Machine

1. Replace Damaged Seal:

First thing you need to do is to check if the seal of the machine is broken.

It is very easy to find that.

First, fill the tank to the brim.

Then check at the bottom if it’s leaking water.

If the seal has deteriorated over time, it will leak water.

In this case, you need to remove the damaged seal and replace it with a new one.

2. Remove Clogging of Pipes and Joints:

Due to heavy usage of the machine and due to limescale accumulation over a period, the machine starts to get clogged.

In this process, internal water pipes and joints of the machine too get clogged by the debris and limescale collection.

Therefore, it is essential to descale the machine regularly to remove the clogging of the pipes and joints.

3. Replace the Damaged Hose:

The hose of the machine can also get broken or damaged over a period.

If the hose is broken, you need to replace it with a newer one.

Otherwise, water starts leaking from the machine.

4. Install New Resistance:

If the resistance of the machine is broken or damaged then also water can leak from the machine.

Resistance heats and partially stores the water.

Limestone can cause the resistance to break, eventually, resulting in leakage.

In this case, you need to either repair or replace the old resistance from your machine.

5. Change Worn out O-Rings:

Rubber gaskets also worn out after several hours of coffee machine usage.

Those silicone O-rings prevent excessive moisture build up and play pivotal role in avoiding water leakage.

In case, they get damaged or broken, then you need to replace them with the new ones.

6. Replace Damaged Pump

A broken or damaged boiler pump is also one of the important reasons of water leakage in your Breville Barista Express machine.

For that, you need to first observe or check the boiler pump.

Maybe the pump is broken from the top where you will see the screws or from the bottom.

At the bottom, you can see two points of breakage.

Either at the point of attachment of the tubes, or the tube itself can be cracked at any point.

If this is true, then you need to get in touch with Breville customer support and ask for damaged pump replacement.

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8 Steps to Replace the Rubber Gasket on a Breville Barista Express

When you see on your coffee machine, there is a ring around a plastic.

You can use a flat screwdriver and squeeze in the plastic part slightly.

Use the needle pliers to remove that O-ring.

When you will bring it out, you can see clogged particles and dirt in the ring.

So, it is essential to clean it regularly.

You can simply use a bar of soap to clean it.

Also, clear the surrounding area of the machine and then fix the ring in place.

I have also provided 8 simple steps for replacing the gasket on a Breville Barista Express machine.

1. Carefully check the model of your machine and order a suitable gasket for your machine.

2. Place the coffee machine on its back.

3. Drain all the water from the water tank.

4. Lose the main screw which holds the shower screen and let the screen out.

5. Clean the clogged debris and particles. Clean the machine thoroughly.

6. After cleaning all the areas, place the new seal on the shower screen.

7. Properly fit the new gasket back.

8. Flush several times to check if it’s working properly. Tighten the screw at the end.

For clear video tutorial on replacing rubber gasket, kindly check out the following video.

7 Steps to Fix Leaking Water Tank of Breville Barista Express

If your Breville Barista Express is also leaking water from the tank then implement the following 7 steps to fix this problem asap.

1. Fill the water tank and pull it in place.

2. Monitor the machine to see the exact point of leakage.

3. After you locate the point of leakage, remove the water tank.

4. You will see a water line that allows the entry of water into the machine. Most often it breaks at a joint and results in leakage.

5. To reach and repair the junction, you will have to remove the heat sink and cables in the way.

6. After you pull out the leaking junction, run water through the pipe to recheck.

7. If you have been successful to locate the fault then replace the pipe with a new one. Hopefully, this solves the issue of leaking water tanks.

To watch the tips and tricks of disassembling Breville Barista and fixing leaking water tanks follow the below video tutorial.


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