Can I Drink Coffee After Teeth Whitening Strips – Know When and How Much Coffee to Drink after Strips

Have you used teeth whitening strips recently to fill up the pores between your teeth and make them white, clear, and healthier?

Well, it is surely going to be an amazing step towards your appealing personality.

Also, having white and clear teeth gives you some confidence as well before others while conversing.

But what if you are a coffee addict?

Can I drink coffee after teeth whitening strips?

It is surely going to be among the first questions that you will be asking.

Well, I have got almost everything covered regarding this topic in this article.

In this article, I have tried my best to explain whether you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee after using teeth whitening strips.

Also, I have further explained if it is safe to use teeth whitening strips and what their major issues are if you are regularly consuming coffee.

In general, the answer to our main question is “No”.

It is not a good thing to drink coffee immediately after you have teeth whitening strips.

You should not consume any dark-flavored drink or beverage after having teeth whitening strips.

There are few side effects of consuming such kinds of items after getting the teeth whitening strips.

There are teeth problems such as teeth decaying, yellow stains, etc. can happen when you drink coffee after getting whitening strips.

Basically, your teeth corners may contain stains, and the pores might also open up after consumption of coffee.

This gives rise to a large number of issues for your teeth later on.

Especially, when you drink the beverage that is either too hot or too cold.

Items such as coffee or tea can also leave significant stains on your teeth and make them look quite awkward later on.

However, you can still drink coffee after teeth whitening strips using some tips and tricks.

One of the most effective ways to do so is by eating something after a period of an hour of drinking coffee or so after putting the whitening strips on.

Doing so will help saliva bathe the teeth, close the pores and tooth enamel, and allow minimum cavities to go inside.

Also, as the pores will be off, the chances of staining reduce to a certain level.

Also, you need to make sure that you brush your teeth thoroughly after consuming other dark-colored beverages.

This is important to avoid the issue of teeth staining and other teeth problems.

Another great option to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee without ruining your teeth due to stains is using straws.

You can use straws to sip coffee so the coffee particles do not touch the teeth, avoiding tooth decay and yellow stains.

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Is it Bad to Drink Coffee After Teeth Whitening Strips?

Well, it is not bad, but also not a healthy decision to consume coffee after having teeth whitening strips.

It can be a major cause of the stain, giving you numerous problems.

When the white and clear strips get a stain on them, they really look bad.

When you put on teeth whitening strips, it opens up the pores between the teeth enamel.

These open pores then absorb coffee and other stain-causing beverages more frequently than they usually do.

When you consume coffee during this time, you are just opening yourself to a number of dental issues, ruining your smile as well as teeth health.

However, if you just can’t resist having a cup of coffee every single day, then you can use straws to avoid the maximum damage.

Also, avoid consuming anything for a certain period after putting teeth whitening strips on to allow the saliva to shut off the pores.

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Consume Any Drink After Whitening Strips?

Well, dentists recommend avoiding the consumption of any item for a certain period after putting on teeth whitening strips.

However, if you still want to drink coffee anyhow after teeth whitening strips, you must wait for at least an hour or so before consuming anything.

When you drink coffee just after the teeth whitening strips, it may cause severe stains on your teeth because the pores remain open at that time.

Waiting for an hour or so, allows the saliva to close up the pores so that they can’t absorb stains and sugar.

The longer you wait after the teeth whitening strips, the better it would be for your teeth as well as for your strips.

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Can I Drink Iced Coffee after Teeth Whitening Strips?

The straightforward answer to this question is “No”.

Seriously speaking, you shouldn’t.

The best advice is that you don’t consume any kind of dark-colored beverages like coffee, chocolate drink, etc. after teeth whitening strips.

But still, if you want to drink it anyhow, drinking it at a moderate temperature would be the best way.

Consuming either too hot or too cold iced coffee may give rise to a number of health issues and can damage gums and teeth.

Although iced coffee is less harmful than hot coffee when it comes to consuming it after teeth whitening strips, it is still harmful for your teeth.

If you have already consumed it, then make sure to brush your teeth and rinse the whitening strips as soon as possible after drinking your coffee.

From next time, always use straws to drink coffee to minimize the risk of stains and tooth decay.

Does Caffeine Affect Teeth Whitening Strips?

Yes, coffee contains enough amount of caffeine that is a major cause of stains on your teeth.

Caffeine is an acidic ingredient that can cause tooth enamel issues, tooth decay, and even bad breath or halitosis in some cases.

Consumption of high caffeine is strictly prohibited after teeth whitening strips for the sake of your teeth health and overall wellness.

However, you can reduce the amount of caffeine consumption by avoiding too much coffee on your regular days.

Doctors recommend consuming only 1-2 cups of coffee per day when you have teeth whitening strips to avoid maximum damage.

Which Drinks are Safe to Consume Once You Have Teeth Whitening Strips?

Well, there is no strict limitation in drinking or eating any item once you have teeth whitening strips.

However, you need to take care of your teeth and the strips properly.

First of all, you need to wait for a certain period before consuming anything after putting on teeth whitening strips.

It will help close the enamel pores that absorb the stains and other substances.

When the pores are closed, a very low amount of sugar, acid, and stains reach the teeth, causing less damage.

When it comes to what to avoid after having teeth whitening strips; coffee, and other dark-colored beverages come out at the top.

Your dentist will also recommend you not to consume stain-causing beverages or items that are acidic or sugary, and coffee is both.

To be precise about the topic, I have mentioned a few items and drinks that are safe to consume once you have teeth whitening strips below.

1. Drink Lot of Water

It’s never going to harm your teeth and strips in any way.

Water is considered the safest item to consume after having any kind of surgery.

Regular consumption of clean and pure water does not have any side effects and is also quite healthy for your body.

2. Other Drinks that are not Dark Coloured

Yes, you can drink other drinks and beverages even after having teeth whitening strips.

Anything that is not dark colored is okay to consume after having strips.

But you need to make sure that you are consuming it at a moderate temperature.

Also, you should follow the aforementioned tips to reduce the maximum damage.


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