Breville Smart Grinder Pro Problems – 5 Main Reasons and 5 Methods to Fix Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Have you recently bought a Breville Smart Grinder Pro at your home?

If yes, then this article is really important for you.

At some point of time, the coffee grinders do face some issues.

After that, they need proper troubleshooting and maintenance to keep them in good working condition.

In this article, I am going to mention some of the most important problems that you may face while working with Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro machine.

Problem 1: The first issue is regular cleaning of the machine.

Breville coffee grinders require regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them in top working condition for long term.

However, Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro cleaning requires to clean certain parts of the machine that are harder to clean without proper tools.

Problem 2: The second issue of the machine is the blockage of its motor.

The motor of this Breville coffee grinder sometimes creates a loud noise  due to the blockage or moisture clogging.

Problem 3: The third issue is the overheating of the machine.

If you use the machine for long hours without a single breakm then the machine parts get overheated and then it can cause problems in your machine.

Problem 4: Another problem that I have enountred with this coffee grinder is that its individual parameters for specific brewing process cannot be saved.

And you need to set the parameters every time you perform new coffee grinding process.

For individuals, who desire to modify the configuration modes, this can be considered an inconvenient and time consuming procedure.

Problem 5: One more issue that I have found is that the grinds can be inconsistent at the coarse end.

But I guess this is to be expected with most burr grinders at this price range.

If you love to make a lot of French press coffee, this may be an issue for you.

To be honest, I believe that immersion brewing methods like the French press, usually benefit from not using too coarse grind.

So I consider this to be a bit of a pseudo-problem.

So, these are 5 main problems in Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro that I feel need to be addressed properly.

Now, its time to deep dive into these problems and find the proper solutions to main problems of this Breville coffee grinder.

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5 Main Reasons Why Breville Smart Grinder Pro Does Not Work

There are quite a few reasons why your Breville smart coffee grinder pro does not work.

I will provide 5 main reasons that causes malfunction in this coffee grinder.

Reason 1 – Machine Clogging

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro is usually get blocked with coffee grounds if it continues to clog after a long time usage.

The burr chamber of the grinder is the most common victim of this obstruction.

This frequently happens after a long period of not cleaning the equipment.

Two or more coffee beans granules may get caught in the roasting chamber.

This also results in a blockage, and the machine stops working.

The grinder frequently grinds a very small amount of coffee.

The presence of clogs and dirt in the machine also contributes to this.

When the beans appear to be greasy, they begin to build upon the hopper’s walls and eventually attach.

This means that the coffee grinder machine has become clogged.

Reason 2 – Foreign Object is Stuck Inside

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro occasionally produces a very loud noise.

This implies that a foreign object might have been stuck inside the grinder.

This leads to the internal blockage within the coffee machine.

Reason 3 – Power Button Does Not Work

The Breville Smart Grinder Pro sometimes does not turn on properly.

Even if you press the power button numerous times, the machine still does not start.

After several days of constant usage, there could be issues with the power button function.

The power button can get stuck or get damaged due to constant usage.

The presence of debris in the machine can also affect its functioning.

It can also happen if the hopper isn’t positioned correctly in the machine.

When you encounter this issue, then you need to replace the old button with the new one.

Reason 4 – Damaged Thermal Limiter

Thermal limiter or thermal fuse gets damaged due to voltage or power fluctuations.

When this happens, your Breville coffee grinder can not work properly.

Your coffee machine stops working if the thermal limiter has burned out.

In that case, either you need to substitute the thermal limiter or you might have to buy a new machine.

Reason 5 – Damaged Blade of the Machine

After several hundreds of hours of operation, the blade of this Breville coffee grinder may get damaged.

If you see that the Breville Grinder is vibrating, then the blade of the grinder must have bent or become dull.

In this situation, you either need to repair that blade or just replace it with the new one.

5 Methods to Fix a Not Working Breville Smart Grinder Pro Machine

There are various issues with this machine which I have discussed above already.

But don’t worry.

I am also going to provide you some easy solutions to fix these problems from the comfort of your home.

The 5 easy solutions to solve the main problems of Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro are provided as follows.

Solution 1: Clean Machine Parts Properly

If your Breville coffee grinder is clogged with coffee grounds, then the first solution is to clean and wash all the external machine parts properly.

First, disassemble the main parts and use the dishwasher soap to wash and clean all the separable parts.

You can also clean these machine parts with the help of warm soapy water and just plain sponge.

The parts that you can safely clean and wash with the soapy water are grinds containter, portafilter cradles, cleaning brush, bean hopper and its lid, grind container lid and grinds tray, etc.

Solution 2: Clear The Internal Blockage

If your coffee grinder produces a very loud noise while coffee grinding, then you need to switch it off right away.

After that, just extract the hopper and clean the blockage from the interior of the chute next to it.

This will clear out all of the obstructions within.

After that, remove the Upper and Lower Burr and clean them entirely.

You can also clean the Conical Burr at the same time.

Solution 3: Prevent Start Button Malfunction with These Tips

Sometimes you might have experienced that the Breville coffee crinder does not start propery even after switching on the “Start Button”.

Even Cancel button does not work when the machine gets overheated due to constant usage.

In this case, you should avoid the overheating of your machine.

The malfunction in the start button can be caused due to improper pugging of the power cable.

It can also happen when thermal safety switch off is activated due to some reason.

When you do not lock the bean hopper appropriately, then also the start button does not work.

Always, switch off the machine entirely, remove the power cable and wait for at least 10-20 minutes to make the machine cool again.

It is also important to properly attach the power cable in the switch and adjust the bean hopper in its position correctly.

This is an important step to do if you want to avoid the malfunction in the Start or Cancel button of the machine.

Solution 4: Adjust Grind Amount for Proper Grinding

If your Breville coffee grinder is not able to grind coffee grounds properly, then you need to do few adjustments in the grind settings of the machine.

In this case, all you have to do is to press the “Amount button” present on the grinder display.

Here, you can adjust whatever grind amount you need for proper coffee grinding.

With the help of “Adjust Amount” option, you can quickly refine the amount settings.

By performing and trying out few grind adjustments, you can improve the grinding capability of your Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro.

Solution 5: Replace Old Worn Out Plastic Impaler

There is a plastic impaler which is present below the steel burrs of the Breville coffee grinder.

In case, it is malfunctioning, then you might need to replace it with a new one.

By replacing it with the new impaler, you can improve the overall functioning of your Breville grinder.

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Is Breville Smart Grinder Pro Good for Espresso Coffee?

Yes, absolutely.

With 60 different grind settings, the Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro is a very cost-effective option for any coffee lover.

It costs much less than the other espresso grinders with similar features and characteristics.

Nonetheless, it is compatible with almost all espresso machines, just as they are.

It grinds coffee beans for expresso as well as drip and a variety of other beverages.

It measures its coffee grounds with a digital timer and creates the best coffee in short time period.

A beautiful stainless-steel appearance, an LCD screen, and espresso portafilter cradles are also included with this machine.

The system encourages you to grind with the aid of using the wide variety of cups or  you want to brew.

You just have to select proper grind parameters that are mentioned for grind time.

Then, just choose how much numbers of cups or espresso shots you require.

You just need to press the middle button at the interface to feature a serving and the system units a corresponding grind-time.

You can alter the time setting in 0.2-second increments.

However, moving the timer forward or backward a few complete seconds at a time with these astonishingly precise increments is somewhat tedious and time consuming process.

Individual cup settings can also be reprogrammed.

Although, this may not be worth your time, considering the many variances in grind requirements from one coffee to the next, including time off the roast.

How to Perform Breville Smart Grinder Pro Burr Upgrade?

The adjustable burr was primarily created to extend the range.

This adjustable burr plays an important role in this case.

When the grind is not grinding fine enough or rather when it is not grinding coarse enough, then you can adjust this burr one or two notches.

This allows you to either grind finer or grind coarse enough.

This upgrade gives more latitude to the Breville Smart Grinder Pro machine since over time it wears a little.

If the machine is not grinding fine enough, then you can open up the adjustable burr and make it one or two notches.

But I advise you not to make it five notches to achieve better performance.

If you want to learn more about the adjustable burr of this machine, then I highly recommend you to watch the following informative video.

8 Easy Steps to Unclog Breville Smart Coffee Grinder Pro Machine

To remove the clog or inside dirt and debris of your Breville Smart Grinder Pro machine, you will need to perform following cleaning steps.

Step 1: The top burr must be removed first, followed by the hopper.

The bottom burr does not need to be removed.

Step 2: Then get rid of any remaining beans, fragments, or coffee grounds using a vacuum or a cleaning brush.

Step 3: Align your top burr and secure it in place.

Step 4: Replace the bean hopper in its original location and fasten it.

Step 5: To remove the blockage, I recommend using a little amount of uncooked, unseasoned white rice.

Step 6: To help eliminate the blockage, place a handful of unseasoned, uncooked white rice in the hopper.

Following that, the rice is ground using the coarsest setting on the grinder.

Step 7: Next, clean the hopper and restart the grinding process.

But this time, just feed a little number of beans through the machine.

This will help in eliminating the remaining rice.

Step 8: These cleaning methods should be used to clear any blockages.

Finally, reset the Breville grinder to its default settings and use it once again.

How to Reset Breville Smart Grinder Pro Machine?

Resetting your Breville smart grinder pro coffee machine will return every one of the saved settings to its default settings.

To reset your Breville espresso machine, press and hold the program button until the coffee machine signals multiple times.

After that, discharge the button.

The coffee shot volumes and temperature settings will get back to default.

You can likewise reset it by setting the machine on reserve mode.

This will turn off the machine from the electrical plug.

Afterwards, plug it back in following a couple of moments.

10 Steps to Clean Breville Smart Grinder Pro Machine

1. Begin by unlatching the bean hopper.

2. Empty any remaining beans into a container of your choice.

3. Place the hopper back where it belongs (lock it).

4. Repeat the grinding cycle until no more grinds emerge.

5. After re-unlocking the hopper, set it aside.

6. Rotate the burr in the Align arrow’s direction.

It will be unlocked and you will be able to remove it.

7. Remove any grinds from the nooks and crannies using a brush (of the burr).

8. Before placing your bean hopper in place, replace the outer burr. Replace the coffee beans as soon as possible.

9. Finally, clean the ground’s chute by sliding the brush into it and spiraling it in and out.

Any grounds that have adhered to the inside of your chute will be dislodged by this.

10. The coffee beans in the hopper can now be replaced.


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