Why Do I Feel So Hungry After Drinking Coffee? – Here are 2 Main Reasons

feeling hungry after drinking coffee
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Have you ever felt really hungry after having a cup of coffee?

If you are also looking for the reason why sometimes you feel hungry after drinking coffee, then you are at the right place!

Here, I am going to discuss the 2 main reasons behind the feeling of hunger after drinking a cup of coffee.

One of those reasons is presence of caffeine itself in the coffee. It offers more excitement and energy to your body.

But at the same time, it also stimulates your hunger in the process.

Other possible reason is the cramping in your belly when you drink coffee on the empty stomach.

I am going to elaborate on these two primary reasons in this article.

I recommend to read this article till the end to know all the facts regarding post coffee cravings.

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Why Does Coffee Make Me Want to Eat More?

Reason 1: Loss of Calories

Caffeine present in the coffee helps you to burn your calories and provides you higher energy.

The fact that it also burns some calories in the process, leads us to the reason that now the body will require more energy.

As a result, it will stimulate hunger indirectly.

Logically, coffee satisfies your cravings initially.

But later when it uses your body energy to burn some calories, your body obviously require more energy to fill the gap.

This leads to the fact that you feel hungrier and have higher food cravings.

Reason 2: Cramping in Your Belly

Apart from coffee acting as an appetite stimulant, another reason could be that coffee provides you with an instant burst of energy.

Depending on your job, you utilize that energy immediately and then again fall low on energy and get hungry.

When you have empty stomach, then you feel hungry naturally.

In this scenario, if you drink a cup of coffee on the empty stomach, then it burns more calories.

Although coffee contains certain calories, it can’t replace your actual lunch or dinner.

Then, it triggers cramping in your empty belly and you feel hungrier.

Coffee also makes you use the toilet after having it.

This proves that you have successfully digested your previous food and passed it out.

Now you feel a natural desire to eat something which leads to higher food cravings.

Coffee makes you hungry or not also varies from situation to situation and also depends on the overall eating habits of the person.

Can Coffee Increase Your Appetite?

The hunger regulating systems present in your body is mainly controlled by the food we eat or drink.

Whether coffee increases or suppresses your appetite is mainly dependent on your daily food intake and eating habits.

A research conducted in Austria and Germany in 2014 on 84 people has already proved that drinking coffee actually decreases your hunger.

This experiment was conducted for four weeks.

In 2016, another research was carried out on mice to study the effects of caffeine on humans.

This research has proved that the coffee increases hunger.

School of Allied Health Sciences carried out another research in 2014 and hypothesized that there is no effect of caffeine on human appetite.

But the research is still in the mid-way and researchers are finding sufficient evidence to prove that whether coffee enhances or suppresses our hunger.

A majority of people believe that coffee decreases your appetite and helps in losing our weight.

Therefore, from all these research results, we can conclude that there is no final result yet.

We can not say for sure if coffee increases or decreases our hunger.

But based on the experience of majority of coffee drinkers, we can assume that coffee actually reduces our appetite and helps to lose some calories in the process.

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Is It Healthy to Feel Hungry After Drinking Coffee?

Coffee helps in the rapid enhancement of your metabolism and digestion process.

It helps you to burn more calories.

It enhances your heart functioning and maintains your blood pressure to some extent.

Caffeine, the main substance of coffee, helps in protecting you from type 2 diabetes and mental disease like dementia.

At the same time, caffeine also impacts the functioning of your leptin hormone which makes you feel hungry.

So, all the above facts prove that it is healthy to feel hungry after drinking coffee.

In this case, I highly recommend you to consume only 2 cups of coffee every day at max to maintain its healthy dose.

Should I Eat Food After Drinking Coffee?

Yes, you can have your breakfast, lunch or dinner after you drink a cup of coffee.

But I highly recommend you to drink coffee after you eat some food.

A healthy way of having coffee is to consume it after having food if you are suffering from digestion problems.

Otherwise, coffee has the same effect on your body independent of the way you drink it.

It is a common perception that there must be some food present in your stomach before you consume coffee.

There is a belief that the acid present in your coffee could damage your mucosa.

But there is no hard evidence or research which can prove the connection between the coffee and its side effects for your digestive system.

As already stated above in one research that, if you drink coffee with an empty stomach, it can decrease your desire of eating.

After having a cup of coffee, you won’t feel hungry for a few hours.

But this will decrease your blood sugar level which is not a healthy way of losing calories and staying hungry.

Does Black Coffee Reduce Hunger?

The answer to this question is Yes.

Yes, regular consumption of black coffee does lead to loss of appetite and it promoted gradual weight loss.

Black coffee, undoubtedly, promotes good health, when consumed in limited quantity.

One of the greatest health benefits of black coffee is it promotes natural weight loss.

One cup of black coffee contains only 2 calories.

If you are using decaffeinated coffee beans then the calories are even decreased to a minimum of zero with the exception of syrups and flavors.

Chlorogenic acid is present in black coffee.

It is the main element of black coffee that helps you to lose weight rapidly.

It decreases the production of sugar and fat cells after meals.

Black coffee also helps you to lose weight by activating those antioxidants which are involved in natural weight loss.

To lose weight effectively, avoid using sweeteners or syrups in coffee.

Also, try to follow a low-calorie diet to enjoy immediate results.

To make the black coffee taste better, you can add skimmed milk or honey to it.

Many obese people are carrying excessive water content.

Black coffee stimulates frequent urination helping to expel extra water from your body.

It works without any side effects.

But that doesn’t mean that you start drinking lot of cups of black coffee every day to lose weight.

If you consume it excessively, then your body develops immunity against fat-burning elements and fails to lose calories.

It is recommended to drink only 1-2 cups of black coffee each day.

Black coffee with a swash of lemon juice helps you to burn your belly fat effectively.

Prefer the morning time to have your black coffee so that it may regulate your metabolism throughout the day.

Black coffee also provides you with several other health benefits.

It helps to protect your skin from basal cell carcinoma and malignant skin tumors.


Finally, we have reached the conclusion part of this article.

After studying all the relevant research, I can surely say that coffee does promote natural weight loss.

It does so by controlling your hunger naturally.

It does burn some of your calories and helps in natural fat loss.

Due to an increase in energy, your body tends to burn more calories in the process.

It leads to the feeling of hunger later on.

Therefore, we can say to some extent, that coffee makes you feel hungry.

It is especially true when you drink coffee on the empty stomach.

However, I highly recommend to consume only 1-2 cup of coffee every day to get the best results for your body.  






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