Breville Barista Express Grind Size Not Working – Check for These 4 Problems

When your Breville Barista express machine starts having some problems with its grinder, then there could be multiple reasons for its malfunction.

One of the primary issues is related to the problem in the grind size of the coffee grinder.

In case your Breville Barista Express grind size is not working for you, then in that situation, you may need to make sure that it is properly fixed in its place.

On the off chance that it doesn’t crush the coffee beans at all, check if its basket is in a secured position or not.

Make sure that its pieces of the grinder are properly set up.

You need to ensure that its arrows are correctly lined up and when you turn the nob, it fits properly.

The damaged gear teeth will make a terrible sound and assuming it is severely damaged, it will sound like a fly motor.

What’s more, a decent impeller is not removable and its edge may not be seen.

However, this problem can be solved just by taking out the lower burr and replacing it with the new one.

Assuming that it is made up of tempered steel rather than the plastic, you can probably have a more current model with a few changes.

With regards to cleaning your grinder, you can use the Breville Cleaning Brush to keep its various components clean and free from dirt.

You also need to make sure that all of its parts are properly set up.

Proper arrangement of its arrows and adjustment of the nob is very important here.

You can likewise descale your coffee machine at home, and keep your machine dirt free and limescale free.

You can use white vinegar mixed with water to clean your machine too.

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Why Breville Barista Express Grind Size is Not Working?

The malfunction in the Breville Barista express grind size is mainly attributed towards the activation of the grinder’s safety clutch.

The safety clutch is triggered because the filter container is stuffed which makes the chute refill.

In this situation, ground coffee does not come out of the grinder.

This can happen when no coffee beans are in the container.

Grinder chute can likewise be obstructed.

Also, water or the dampness can enter inside the grinder chamber and chute.

When you adjust the grind size, it is important to make sure it is in medium fine form instead of too much fine or powdery form.

I should specify that the ideal beginning grind size is 5.

Therefore, make sure you have set the initial dial knob at no. 5 setting.

Depending on your preference, you may change this setting.

Remember that the smallest the set number, the better will be the grind size.

On a similar note, the bigger the set number, the coarser will be the grind size.

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4 Main Problems Why Breville Barista Express Grinder Does Not Work

Sometimes, your Breville Barista express grinder may not start or work when you press the main power switch.

Generally, the main reason can be related to the accumulation of the dirt inside various parts of your grinder.

Another possible reason could be the improper positioning or inappropriate adjustment of the container.

There could be some dirt or debris which could get stuck inside and outside the container.

In this case, you will need to open the container, examine it for presence of the debris and then clean it properly.

When the grinder is running and you hear the beans being ground, you might want to check out the inward burr and search for compacted ground coffee as a blockage.

It’s important to clean the Burr properly so that your Barista express grind feels like fine, sharp sand on your fingers.

In other case, when you see that Breville Barista express grinder is obstructed again, and it is making horrendous sound when trying to grind beans, then the stuck foreign object could be the reason for the same.

In this situation, you need to first switch off your grinder completely.

Then take out the hopper and get rid of any foreign object or dirt that has been stuck inside the chute.

Cleaning of the lower burr as well as upper burr will also help a lot in reducing the grinder stuck problem.

Whenever you encounter the jamming or stuck issue of the Breville Barista express grinder, then always check for the following 4 problems.

1. Portafilter Blockage:

Some users hold the portafilter pretty close to the discharge chute.

This often leads to the coffee grounds being stuck in the opening of the chute which in turn cause of the blockage of the portafilter.

Therefore, try to keep some distance from the chute for the portafilter to prevent its blockage and malfunction in the grinder.

2. Coffee Beans are Stuck:

Whenever you use the Breville Barista express grinder, there can be a situation of coffee beans being stuck somewhere.

The coffee beans that are used to grind, sometimes may stuck inside and do not get out of the roasting chamber.

So, always check for stuck coffee beans when your grinder stops working or get jammed.

3. Extreme Fine Settings:

If you set the burrs on extreme fine grinding mode, then grinder jamming can happen.

In this situation, coffee beans do not get out of the machine or roasting chamber due to too much fine settings.

Therefore, you should always avoid the extreme fine grinding mode.

4. No Regular Grinder Cleaning:

This is often the main culprit which causes your Breville Barista Express grinder to get stuck or get jammed during grinding.

Lack of regular cleaning and maintenance leads to accumulation of debris and coffee beans inside the roasting chamber.

Due to stuck beans, the different metal components of the grinder can not work properly and get jammed more often.

You can prevent this issue by regularly cleaning all the grinder parts and removing all the accumulated debris from the grinder.

I highly recommend you to use Breville Barista Express Grinder Cleaning Kit more regularly to keep your machine free from debris and dirt.

How Do You Adjust the Grind Amount on a Breville Barista Express Machine?

Ensure that you get the settings appropriate for the ideal extraction of the coffee beans powder.

Utilize the Breville barista express grinder change settings to pick your ideal grind settings.

It could be anywhere from fine, medium to coarse.

Then, change the amount of newly ground coffee dosed into its filter container.

Set the grind amount dial to the 3 o’clock position as a starting point.

Now, you will have to move the knob either towards “Less” or “More” option in order to adjust the amount of the beans.

This is necessary so that the cap on the provided tamper is level with the top edge of the filter basket rim.

You might have to adjust the “grind amount dial” a couple of times in order to accomplish the right grind quantity.

2 Easy Steps to Reset Breville Barista Express Grinder

In order to reset the Breville Barista Express grinder to its default 1 cup and 2 cup shot volumes and espresso water temperature, follow the below mentioned process.

1. The very first thing you need to do is to press and keep holding the “Program” button of the machine.

You will need to do this until the machine makes beep sound at least 3 times.

2. Now slowly release the “Program” button.

And that’s it.

You have successfully reset your Breville Barista Express grinder with just 2 easy steps.

Default settings will be 1 cup shot volume which is approx. 30ml. and 2 cups is around 60ml.


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