Philips Saeco Xelsis Milk Carafe Problems – 3 Main Issues and 3 Easy Remedies

Do you have a Philips Saeco Xelsis Coffee Machine in your kitchen to meet your daily coffee needs?

If yes, first let me congratulate you on having one of the best coffee machines from the market to get the super delicious espresso from the comfort of your home.

But at the same time, I must tell you that this machine, just like any other coffee machine, too has its own pros and cons.

When it comes to main problems of this machine, I want to specially emphasize on the milk carafe problems of Philips Saeco Xelsis expresso machine.

The very first issue that I encountered with Saeco Xelsis machine is the lack of foam it releases on the milk drinks.

If you come across such a situation, then the basic fix is to deep clean the coffee machine by following the manual recommendations.

After that, you should descale the machine completely.

Then, disassemble all the parts and put them in them hot soapy water for few minutes.

In the end, reinstall the milk system and see if it is working now.

Usually, the milk carafe problem is solved with the above-mentioned cleaning and descaling steps.

But in case it is not, it means that something has leaked down into the air pin assembly.

There is a small metal disk with a tiny pinhole in the assembly which the cappuccino needs to draw in air.

Clean that disk with a small, sharp pin carefully.

And there you go!

Now, you have fixed your Saeco Xelsis coffee machine properly and you can enjoy awesome frothed milk with no hassles.

Well, this was just one problem that you may encounter with your Philips Saeco Xelsis espresso machine.

There can be few more issues that you may experience working with this machine.

And I have provided 3 main issues that cause milk carafe problems in this machine.

Plus, I have offered 3 easy solutions for those problems too so that you can fix them asap.

So, make sure you read the article to the end thoroughly!

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3 Main Milk Carafe Problems of Saeco Xelsis Machine

Philips Saeco Xelsis machine has an advanced milk carafe feature and it incorporates a complex mechanism to provide you with freshly brewed coffee with ease.

But sometimes, there are some issues that make the machine to malfunction.

And when it does so, you often can get irritated and frustrated by this bug.

Below, I have mentioned a 3 of such annoying problems that you can face with the Saeco Xelsis machine’s milk carafe.

Problem 1: The Milk Carafe Doesn’t Froth Milk

One of the most common issues with the machine is that it sometimes completely stops frothing milk.

This usually happens when you use the milk carafe for a very long time and it gets broken after a while.

Another factor that can cause malfunction in the milk carafe when you use the second hand carafe for a machine which is of usually a low quality.   

Problem 2: Water is Coming out from the Bottom of the Machine

Another annoying problem that you can have with your Philips Saeco Xelsis is that you notice water drops coming out from the bottom side of the machine.

This completely ruins the decor of your coffee machine and makes the surrounding dirty and messy as well.

It can also cause malfunction in the machine’s milk carafe system.

Problem 3: Descaling Light Stays On Even When Machine is Descaled

You should descale your Philips Saeco Xelsis periodically after multiple usages.

Usually, when you descale the machine, the LED light that displays the descaling process goes off.

This also shows that your coffee machine is successfully undergone a descaling procedure.

But sometimes, this LED light doesn’t go off even after you have descaled your machine properly.

This can be a great mess as well and it affects the function of milk carafe as well.

These are not all but some of the most common issues that many Philips Saeco owners face every day.

Now in the next section, we will look at 3 possible solutions for these issues.

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3 Easy Solutions to Fix Milk Carafe Problems of Saeco Xelsis

Once you know the root cause of the issue you are having with your coffee machine, fixing it becomes quite easy.

In the previous section, you got to know the 3 main reasons that might be causing problems in the milk carafe function of your Saeco Xelsis machine.

In this section, we will look at their possible fixes.

Solution 1: Solve the Machine’s Milk Frothing by Fixing 4 Main Causes

If your machine’s milk carafe isn’t frothing high-quality milk, it’s because of one of the four reasons that are mentioned below.

Reason 1: The parts of the milk carafe haven’t been cleaned properly and they have become clogged with dirt.

If this is the case, make sure that your milk carafe is properly cleaned and that there is nothing stuck inside it.

The steps to cleaning your machine should be mentioned in the manual that comes along with it.

You just need to follow that as per the instructions provided.

Also, check if the milk carafe circuit is functioning properly.

If it isn’t, it might be causing the issue as well.

Reason 2: The dispensing spout of your milk carafe isn’t pulled out properly.

In case the dispensing spout remains stuck inside the milk carafe, it won’t let the machine froth milk properly.

This is why, you need to make sure it’s pulled out completely.

Reason 3: You haven’t connected the milk tube to the frothing element properly.

The milk tube sends milk to the main machine for frothing.

If it is not connected to the frothing element properly, there is no way your machine would froth quality milk.

In this situation, you need to check and make sure it is connected properly.

Reason 4: You are using the wrong type of milk in your machine.

How well-frothed milk you are getting from your Philips Saeco milk carafe, depends a lot on what type of milk you are using in it.

If you are using watery milk and it has dried out, then the machine won’t give the expected results.

To make sure you get high-quality frothed milk from your machine, you have to use only semi-skimmed or full-fat cow’s milk, soy milk, and lactose-free milk.

Solution 2: Fix Water Leakage Issue in the Machine

If you see water coming out from the bottom of the coffee machine, then this is mostly because your machine’s drip tray has gone full.

And therefore, water is flowing from the bottom part of the machine.

If it’s the case, empty the drip tray and see if the problem is persistent.

To prevent this problem from happening again in future, you need to empty the drip tray every time when you see the “Drip tray full” message on your coffee machine.

Solution 3: Fix “Descale Light” Error on Machine’s Milk Carafe

Now, it’s time to fix your machine’s descale light error.

Sometimes, even after the machine is descaled properly, the machine still displays descale light On.

You need to make sure it doesn’t keep glowing even after you have descaled your milk carafe properly.

But before going straight to the fix, you need to know why it’s happening.

The descale light of your machine keeps flashing even after a descale procedure is completed for two reasons.

Reason 1: The machine is not descaled properly.

Reason 2: You haven’t rinsed the machine and milk carafe with the sufficient amount of water.

In such conditions, try descaling your machine one more time by following the company instructions given in the machine’s manual.

Also, make sure you rinse the machine with a full tank of water properly after the descaling cycle is complete.

Leave no water or any residue behind while you complete this procedure.

The machine must be completely clean after it is descaled properly.

So, these are the possible solutions to the main problems you may have with your machine’s milk carafe.

I hope this guide will help you in properly identifying the root cause of Philips Saeco Xelsis milk carafe problem.

Once you find the right reason, then just implement the respective solution which I have mentioned in this article.


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