Can You Re Roast Coffee Beans? – A Complete Guide to Double Roasting Coffee Beans

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages and we all love our daily cup of coffee but what makes our coffee more flavorful is the process of its roasting.

Roasting brings out the aroma and the unique flavor that is hidden inside the raw coffee beans.

You can roast your coffee as per your taste.

Coffee roasting is not a very complicated process which can be summarized as follows.

To roast coffee beans, take a frying pan and heat it.

After it reaches mild temperature drop the beans and make sure to keep stirring so all the parts are heated equally.

You can roast your coffee beans twice by first roasting them until you hear the first crack sound.

Then you left the roasted beans to become cool for a while.

And finally, re-roast those beans until you get your desired color.

Coffee beans go through a Maillard reaction which leads to the desired flavor and colour of the beans.

The beans when roasted release carbon dioxide gas which helps to preserve the flavor of coffee by displacing oxygen.

But my question is should you reroast your coffee?

It is preferred to not roast your coffee beans twice as the beans get cooked instead of roasting.

When we reroast coffee beans, it loses its flavors and ultimately gets burnt.

These burnt beans usually taste a bit bitter.

Therefore, I would suggest to buy darker coffee beans instead of reroasting your coffee beans.

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Is It okay to Re Roast Already Roasted Coffee Beans?

Some people roast their coffee beans twice to get darker colored beans.

The oils present inside the beans are responsible for giving unique flavor.

But when we roast coffee beans twice the oil present on the outside layer gets burnt which affects the taste of your coffee.

Roasting coffee beans play a vital role in improving the taste to the coffee.

Because it enhances the chemical reaction taking place inside the beans which provides a unique aroma and flavor to the beans.

When we roast coffee for a second time, it can have adverse effects on the taste of coffee.

Instead of enhancing the flavor, it makes your coffee bitter.

So, it’s best to buy a darker and flavourful coffee instead of reroasting it.

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What are the 2 Main Coffee Roasting Methods?

Roasting plays a vital role in the taste of coffee depending on the process of its roasting.

The same coffee beans can produce different flavors depending upon the type of roast you choose.

The roasting of coffee beans has evolved with time.

The roasting and double roasting of beans has developed a lot throughout the years and it can even be considered as an art.

There are numerous ways to roast coffee beans but we are going to discuss the two most popular ones which are as follows.

1. The Traditional Way of Drum Roasting

Drum roasting is the process still used by most of the smaller and more traditional coffee roasting companies.

Drum roasters are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and some roasters are small enough to be used in your garage.

If you are looking for a smaller sized drum for your home purpose to roast your coffee bean, then do check out this Quartz glass drum that uses a gas burner to roast your coffee beans.

In Drum Roasting, the raw coffee is poured into a circular, rotating drum and is heated externally.

The rotating drum conducts heat into the coffee through direct surface contact with the beans.

This method gently develops the coffee aromas and gives a distinct flavor to the beans.

It happens due to its extended roasting duration which is usually 15 to 20 minutes.

You will need to keep the temperature range anywhere from 180 to 230 degrees F.

This helps in reducing the acidity inside the beans and makes them more digestible for us.

During the roasting process, you have to constantly take samples through a small opening of the drum.

This is important to determine the degree of roasting until the perfect state is reached.

The coffee beans are heated a lot during this drum roasting process.

This is why, the beans need to be cooled down immediately so that the internal heat doesn’t proceed any further.

This type of drum roasting of coffee usually required a lot of experience, training and a good eye.

You will need to decide the perfect moment to stop roasting and create well-roasted coffee beans during the process.

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2. Industrial Hot Air Roasting

We all know that the overall demand for the coffee all over the globe has increased a lot.

There are now numerous varieties of coffee available in the market which are popular among coffee enthusiasts.

This leads roasting companies to find a faster and more efficient way of roasting coffee in huge quantity.

This is where industrial hot air coffee roasting come into the picture.

This roasting process is fast and it saves a lot of time and money for the companies.

Hot air roasters are usually designed as continuous systems.

These hot air roasters consist of a large perforated drum with a spiral conveyor on the inside of it.

In this, the coffee is roasted for about 5 minutes at the temperature which ranges anywhere from 450 to 485 degrees F.

After that, they are cooled down with the cold water.

This method allows to continuously roast a huge amount of coffee pretty rapidly.

But sometimes the quality suffers because of the short duration of heat exposure.

Also, cooling water gets soaked by the beans leads to the unauthentic weight and aroma of the coffee.

Therefore, it is best to roast the coffee using the traditional drum roasting way as it provides a really good and flavorful coffee.

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What is Double Roasted Coffee?

As the name suggests the double roasted coffee is the coffee that has been roasted twice.

The same bean is roasted at two different levels to produce a double roasted coffee.

Double roasted coffee is a technique that was once used to produce low acid roasts in Switzerland.

It is roasted once and then it allows to become cool for some time.

After that, it is roasted for a second time.

This gives you much darker colored coffee beans than the single roasted beans.

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How Do I Roast an Already Roasted Coffee Bean?

To re roast already roasted coffee beans, you need a few equipment at your home.

You can double roast your coffee beans without buying a glass drum roast machine too.

The overall process is not that difficult and can be completed in few minutes with the right tools at your disposal.

Equipment Needed:

1. Large frying pan

2. Gas stove

3. Tray for cooling beans

4. Butter paper

5. Spoon

Step 1: Take a heavy frying pan and heat it on medium flame. The pour the single roasted coffee beans on the hot pan.

Step 2: Constantly stir your beans so that heat is spread equally.

Step 3: Heat the coffee beans till the you hear the second crack sound. It usually takes 5-7 minutes.

Step 4: Put it on a tray to cool down the beans. You can use absorbent paper to remove extra oils.

This will give you a dark-coloured double-roasted coffee.

Timing to get your desired flavor will come with trial and error.

So, it is better to start with a small amount.

However, to get the best dark flavor, I highly recommend getting a good quality glass drum for properly re-roast your beans.

6 Proven Tips to Freshen up Coffee Beans

Coffee beans become stale after some time.

It happened because after some days, the oxygen escapes from the beans which leave you with a coffee that tastes bitter.

You can’t restore the escaped oxygen but you can slow down the rate of oxygen release by following these simple tips.

1. Store your beans in an airtight container.

Avoid using plastic or metal containers that can alter the flavor of the coffee.

It is highly recommended to use glass containers for this purpose.

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2. Store the container in a dark and dry place to preserve the taste for a longer period of time.

3. Add a small amount of cinnamon to stale coffee beans which is useful to refresh the beans.

The amount of cinnamon to be added depends on the quantity of stale beans.

You can add 1 tablespoon to 1 lb. or more, you can adjust it as per your choice.

4. You can add vanilla extract to freshen up your stale coffee.

You can add 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract and mix it using a spoon.

5. Add 1-2 tablespoons of coffee-flavored syrup to coffee beans or grounds to freshen up your coffee.

This method is also used commercially by many coffee brands.

6. Add a small amount of black walnut oil and almond oil to refresh your stale coffee beans or grounds.

Mix it using a spoon and allow it to sit for a little time.

By using these 6 proven tricks, you can freshen up your stale coffee beans or grounds and can enjoy your coffee for a long time.

These tips will surely help you to increase the shelf life of your coffee.

Is It safe to Re Roast Stale Coffee Beans?

Coffee beans do not have a large shelf life.

They usually get stale in 10-15 days.

So, it is better to use it within this period.

You can freshen up the coffee beans by using the 6 easy tricks as mentioned above.

This will increase their shelf life and you can enjoy your coffee for a little longer.

If you re roast your stale coffee beans they will taste even bitter than before.

I would recommend avoiding roasting your stale coffee beans at any cost.

It’s better to buy new coffee beans than re roasting the stale ones.

But if you still want to try you can go for it, depending on the staleness of the coffee beans.

However, I would still recommend to go for only fresh coffee beans for re-roasting and avoid double roasting of stale beans.

Final thoughts

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages and is consumed in large amounts all over the world.

There are so many different types of coffee and so many different ways of roasting it.

Roasting coffee is an essential step to enhance its aroma and flavor.

Re roasting coffee beans can make your coffee more bitter.

It is better to buy a fresh dark colored coffee than roasting the same coffee for a second time.

Some people use double roasted coffee which is roasted at two different levels.

Finally, it is up to your taste which coffee beans you want to use.

In my opinion, it is better to use new coffee beans than re roasting the stale ones as it leaves a bitter taste and usually spoils your experience.


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