Can Decaf Coffee Cause Hot Flashes – Use This Decaf Coffee to Reduce Symptoms of Your Hot Flashes

decaf coffee causes hot flashes
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Decaffeinated coffee is low in caffeine and is the best alternative for regular coffee if you are suffering from hot flashes.

Hot flashes can worsen if you keep on taking caffeine so it’s necessary to cut it down gradually.

Can decaf coffee really cause hot flashes?

The answer is “May Be” or “May Be Not”.

It all depends on how much coffee you drink on a daily basis and how your immune system responds to the caffeine intake.

I can say that decaf coffee is a much better option in comparison to your regular coffee.

Why is it so?

If you are a diehard coffee lover then you might be drinking at least 2-3 coffee cups a day.

Excessive caffeine intake can enhance the anxiety level in some folks.

Increased anxiety level can lead to hot flashes too.

So, I highly recommend to limit your coffee intake to 1-2 cups a day at max.

This will greatly reduce hot flashes symptoms.

Some other foods that can trigger hot flashes include tea, fizzy drinks, sodas, beverages, fruit juices, smoothies, and alcohol.

If you want to try safer decaf coffee with less caffeine content, then I highly recommend you to use Folgers Decaf Dark Roast Ground Coffee.

I also advise you to read this article till the end because I am going to share the primary reasons behind getting hot flashes and also the effects of decaf coffee on your body.

In the end, I will also share the best drinks you can consume to quickly treat your hot flashes.

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FAQ Regarding Use of Decaf Coffee if You Get Hot Flashes

Can Coffee Trigger Hot Flashes?

Yes, if you consume too much coffee on a daily basis, then it may trigger hot flashes.

The main reasons are as follows.

1. Caffeine present in your regular coffee can increase the level of anxiety in your body.

Too much caffeine content stimulates palpitations, sweats, and hot flashes.

So, for those who wish to reduce the symptoms of hot flashes, you should try to reduce the intake of your daily coffee first.

Instead, you should start drinking plenty of water in the morning before a cup of coffee or tea to avoid morning flashes.

2. Excessive caffeine usually absorbs the majority of the vitamins and minerals you take from your daily diet.

This leads to lose of vitamin B, iron, and calcium in your blood and can cause weakness and hot flashes.

3. Drinking too much hot drinks can also stimulate flashes.

So, the women, who consume excessive coffee as a regular hot drink, should be careful about this habit.

It is important to consult with your family doctor and first diagnose the proper reason behind getting hot flashes.

If you find that your daily coffee is causing these hot flashes, then it is strongly recommended to stop drinking it for few days to months.

If you can’t live without your coffee, then at least try using decaf coffee such as Folgers Decaf Ground Coffee.

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Does Caffeine Affect Hot Flashes?

Yes, too much caffeine content can induce the symptoms of hot flashes.

Caffeine acts as a vasoconstriction and will cause constriction of your blood vessels.

As a result, blood will get less surface area to pass through which will raise the blood pressure of an individual.

Caffeine intake also increases the rate of your heartbeat.

As I already mentioned above, caffeine is a stimulant.

So, it activates the sympathetic system of your body.

The body comes in a fight or flight response.

Eventually, you suffer from hot flashes and sweating.

Is Decaf Coffee Good for Hot Flashes?

Yes, decaf coffee can help you reduce the symptoms of hot flashes to a greater extent.

It is a good alternative to your regular coffee with lowered caffeine content and a good choice for those who are sensitive to high caffeine content.

Decaf coffee when taken in limited quantity also works well in reducing the overall symptoms of your hot flashes.

But there is another problem with decaf coffee.

The process for making this decaf coffee, consists of caffeine extraction from the coffee beans.

During this process, companies mix different types of chemicals and preservatives.

As a result, caffeine is removed but chemicals or preservatives are introduced into the coffee.

So, that’s one thing you should remember all the time when drinking decaf coffee.

Apart from this, decaf coffee has several health benefits and it is good for women who are constantly having hot flashes symptoms.

Decaf coffee is also rich in antioxidants.

But I recommend you to limit the number of cups per day.

Because too much of decaf coffee also washes the calcium and magnesium from your body.

8 Foods That Mainly Trigger Hot Flashes

The main food items that can possibly trigger your hot flashes are listed as follows.

1. Caffeine and sodas – Use green tea as a substituent

2. Alcoholic beverages – Try mocktails instead

3. Very hot beverages – Use cold versions of your drinks

4. Spicy food – Food containing hot peppers and chili powders can worsen hot flashes. So avoid them at all cost.

5. Hot food – Soups or stews should not be consumed too much when you are suffering from hot flashes.

6. Large meals – Consuming full coarse meals in the evening just before sleeping can trigger hot flashes.

7. High sugar content – Prefer low sugar food items to reduce the symptoms of flashes.

8. Chocolate – Instead of eating regular chocolates, try to consume dark chocolates in little quantity.

5 Foods That are Useful in Curing Hot Flashes

There are 5 food items that you should include in your daily diet to reduce the symptoms of your hot flashes.

Those 5 items are as follows.

1. Black Cohosh Root – It can be taken as a pill to reduce hot flashes.

2. Ginseng – It decreases the severity of your hot flashes.

It is taken as a herb because of its beneficial properties.

3. Red Raspberry Leaf – You can make a herbal tea from these leaves.

It is a healthy tea option to consume during menopause.

4. Red Clover – The tea made from this item tastes delicious.

It will also boost your immunity and controls blood pressure.

5. Valerian – It has the ability to control your hot flashes.

Regular tea consumption can give you a restful night’s sleep.

Final Thoughts

By now, it must be clear to you that hot flashes can be triggered when consumed too much amount of coffee on a regular basis.

So, it is important to avoid excessive caffeine intake in your daily diet.

To reduce the caffeine consumption, you can obviously start drinking decaf coffee which has much lesser amount of caffeine.

I recommend you to start using Folgers Decaf Ground Coffee in a limited quantity and prevent any outbursts of hot flashes.


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