How Much Whole Coffee Beans Per Cup? – Find Exact Coffee Ratio for Ground Coffee and Whole Beans

Have you ever get confused about the cup measurements and ratio of your coffee beans?

Do you really know how many tablespoons of coffee you should add in different serving sizes?

If you have not thought about these things much, then you don’t need to worry anymore.

Here, in this article, you will find the right answers to all these questions.

I have precisely mentioned all the ratios and coffee measurements, especially regarding whole coffee beans.

If you are looking for the short answer to the main question, then here is the valid answer.

1 scoop of whole coffee beans is actually 2 tablespoons whole coffee beans.

A single scoop of whole beans are enough to make 1 single cup of coffee.

1 tablespoon of beans have around 5 to 7 grams of coffee.

The weight of these beans will be around half ounces and there will be around 39 whole coffee beans in 1 tablespoon.

So, if you are a math freak or a slow skim reader, this guide will provide you more important data to play around.

After reading it, note down the important readings and use them while preparing your cup and you are definitely going to love it!!

So, without much delay, let’s get started!

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How Do You Correctly Measure Whole Coffee Beans?

The best and the most accurate way to measure coffee beans is by weighing them on a digital kitchen scale.

Other methods will give you the approximate amount which may vary.

If you are using a scale, then follow these steps to weigh your beans accurately.

1. Put the scale on a smooth surface and switch on the power button.

2. Place an empty container on the scale for measuring the whole coffee beans.

3. Use tare to remove the mass of the container.

4. Select a brew ratio and then add required amount of coffee beans.

5. Now, You will get the final mass of the beans on the scale.

It is always a good idea to weigh the fresh coffee beans before grinding them.

Precise measurements will result in getting a well balanced and flavoured hot cup of coffee.

How Many Scoops and Ounces of Whole Coffee Beans Per Cup?

The right answer is around half ounce of whole coffee beans in a single cup and 1 scoop contains around 39 whole coffee beans.

1 scoop is usually equal to 2 tablespoons.

So, add one scoop for preparing one cup of coffee. 

Scoops are not a standard for measuring coffee and their sizes may vary from one another.

If your coffee scoop is small, it may hold 5 grams and will be equal to one tablespoon.

Add 2 tablespoons or 1 scoop of coffee for preparing 6 oz. coffee.

One tablespoon carries 5-7 g of coffee depending on the type of grounds.

It will be equal to ½ ounce.

It will contain about 39 whole coffee beans.

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How Many Whole Coffee Beans You Need to Make 2 Cups of Coffee?

You will need around 30 grams of whole coffee beans which is equal to 4 tablespoons, in order to make 2 delicious cups of coffee.

As you know, we need 15 grams for one cup so you can simply double the amount.

Likewise, double the tablespoons.

If you want a mild cup in the morning, so you can reduce the amount of coffee to your desired proportion.

To brew the perfect cup of coffee, you just need to remember some tips.

First and the most important is that your coffee beans should be fresh all the time.

They will not only make you the best cup of coffee but you will also be able to feel the enriched aroma of your coffee.

Secondly, always grind your beans fresh just before brewing.

Lastly set the right temperature.

And, your perfect coffee cup is ready!

How Many Beans You Have to Grind for Making 4 Cups of Coffee?

For 4 cups of coffee, you need to use 60 g of coffee beans which is equal to 8 tablespoons.

If you want to drink weak coffee, then you can reduce the amount to 48 g which is equal to 6.5 tbsp.

Similarly, I have listed down the amount of coffee required for 6, 10 and 12 cups.

A, 6 cups – 90 g or 12 Tbsp, but for weaker coffee use 9.5 Tbsp.

B, 10 cups – 150 g or 20 Tbsp, but for mild coffee use 16 Tbsp.

C, 12 cups – 180 g or 24 Tbsp, but for a reduced flavour use 19 Tbsp.

While, measuring with tablespoon, you may not get the same measurements each time.

The amount of coffee may vary.

So, prefer to use the above measurements in grams by weighing on a scale.

What is the Ratio of Coffee Beans to Ground Coffee?

Well, if you measure the volume of coffee beans and coffee grounds, then you will find that they occupy almost equal space.

So, coffee beans to ground coffee will be the ratio of 1:1.

But there is slight difference in mass.

Coffee beans vary in size and have irregular shapes.

So, if you weigh one tablespoon of coffee beans, then its weight will be somewhat less than one tablespoon of ground coffee.

It is recommended to use fresh beans instead of ground coffee.

Grind your beans just before you are ready to brew the fresh cup to get the best flavour.

And I recommend to use a digital kitchen scale for exact coffee measurements.

Exact measurements will make the best flavored coffee for you and your family.

How Much Whole Coffee Beans to Per Cup in Grams?

An average coffee cup contains around 10- 15 grams of coffee.

On an average, one cup contains 10.6 grams of beans.

It is almost equal to 2 tablespoons.

If you love the strong and bold flavour of coffee, then add 15 gram of coffee.

And if you want your coffee to be mild then add 12 grams per cup.

It is equal to half tablespoon.

Use digital kitchen scale for taking precise measurements.

It is recommended to measure coffee by weight rather than by counting the beans.

Use pure filter water and maintain appropriate temperature of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you use very high temperature, your coffee may taste like burnt.

How Much Coffee Beans You Need Per Cup of French Press Coffee?

7 grams of coffee beans are required to prepare 1 cup of 4 ounce of French press.

For every one gram of coffee, it is recommended to use 15 grams of coffee.

You can simply refer to the list down below for avoiding mathematical calculations.

1. For one cup – 14 grams of coffee or 2 tbsp.

2. For two cups – 28 grams of coffee or 4 tbsp.

3. For four cups – 56 grams of coffee or half cup.

4. For eight cups – 112 grams of coffee or a cup of beans.

Purchase the beans and grind them yourself to use in French press.

Use the above measurements and prepare the best tasting coffee for yourself.

How Many Grams of Whole Coffee Beans You Need for Making 1 Cup of Espresso?

For a single cup of espresso of 5 oz., you probably need 8.3 grams of whole coffee beans.

The proportion of whole beans and ground coffee is almost equal so you can use either of them.

The average amount for one cup lies between 7-10 grams.

One tablespoon of coffee is equal to 5.3 grams.

So, 8.3 grams will contain 1.6 tablespoons.

But if you want a strong shot, then you can increase the amount of beans.

Weigh the beans before grinding or brewing.

It will give you the actual mass and you need to follow precise measurements for the perfect cup of coffee.

How Much Whole Coffee Beans for 12 Cups of Coffee?

Amount of coffee beans in a cup depends on the type of coffee you are using, brewing technique, and amount of coffee.

If you are using 12 oz cup, then you will require an average of 90-150 whole coffee beans per cup.

It is equal to 2 tablespoons.  

So, this is a simple math.

If you want to prepare 12 cups of 12 oz each then you need 1080 – 1800 beans per cup.

It will be equal to 24 tablespoons.

If you want weak coffee then reduce the amount to 19 tablespoons of coffee per 12 cups.

The type of coffee beans used greatly impacts the amount of beans used to make a cup of coffee.

As said earlier, ground coffee is almost equal in weight to whole coffee beans.

You can experiment in numbers while preparing your coffee.

These were some approximate measurements for preparing one, two, four, six, ten and twelve cups of coffee.

Adjust the amount according to your servings and taste.


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