How Much Cream and Sugar in Dunkin Donuts Coffee? – Know The Exact Amount

I am not a Dunkin Donuts coffee addict but I decided to try it a few days ago.

And to my surprise, I was pleasantly happy at the first sip of my drink.

The quality of the coffee was above my expectations.

Especially, the taste of the cream stood out.

The flavor of the cream was premium.

If you have also tried the coffee at Dunkin Donuts then you must be wondering about the quantity of its cream and sugar used in their coffee.

If you are having the same question about how much sugar and cream Dunkin Donuts use in their coffee, then you will get the complete answer in this article.

In general, light cream is used by Dunkin Donuts and they measure cream and sugar in terms of teaspoons.

A small cup has 2 tsp., while medium has 3 tsp. and large has 4 tsp of quantity.

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In this article, I am going to share the amount and type of cream and sugar used by Dunkin Donuts coffee in detail.

So, let’s jump into our main topic without any delay.

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What Kind of Sugar Does Dunkin Donuts Use in their Coffee?

At Dunkin Donuts, they usually make use of liquid cane sugar to mix in their coffee.

It is a kind of granulated white sugar that is mixed in water.

Water and sugar are dissolved in a 1:1 ratio.

Apart from this, they can also provide you with regular granulated sugar or other sugar substitutes on your request.

Regular granulated sugar comes in small packets.

1 packet contains 1 tsp. or 4 grams of sugar.

For more detailed answer, check out this article.

How Many Grams of Sugar is Present in Dunkin Donuts Coffee?

If you choose to have a medium coffee with cream and sugar at Dunkin Donuts, then it will contain 26 grams of sugar.

Here, I am going to briefly share the nutrition summary of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

A. Calories: 190 grams

B. Fats: 9 grams

C. Carbs: 29 grams

D. Proteins: 2 grams

Remember, this nutrition breakdown is for a medium serving coffee of 14 oz.

If you are getting pumps of syrups, which are really sweet, you will get 2 pumps for small, 3 for medium, and 4 for large pumps for a large cup of coffee.

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Does Dunkin Donuts Use Half and Half or Cream in Their Coffee?

Usually Dunkin Donuts use light cream only which contains 18% of milk fat.

It has a higher fat content than half and a half.  

Therefore, it gives a more buttery and thick texture to your coffee.

You will not going to see anything like half and a half at Dunkin Donuts.

For those who don’t know what is half and half, then let me explain it in simple terms.

Half and half simply means equal proportions of cream and milk mixed together to milk creamy structure in your coffee.

The actual difference between half and a half or cream is mainly of fat content percentage.

1. Half and a half has a fat content of 10-12%.

2. Heavy cream is 30-36%.

3. Light cream is of 18%.

Different stores of Dunkin Donuts have different standards set as default for cream and sugar in their coffee dispensing machines.

So, if you order half and half cream and sugar, you are not going to get it because no such option exists at Dunkin Donuts coffee shop.

What Type of Cream is used in Dunkin Donuts Coffee?

As mentioned earlier, Dunkin Donuts use light cream which is frothy and creamy in texture.

Their cream provides a signature flavor to the coffee and is quite different from the other coffee shops.

The composition of light cream is:

1. 66% heavy cream

2. 33% milk

Light cream is richer and higher in fat content even though it is a diluted form of heavy cream.

The nutritional values of light cream per tablespoon are as follows.

A. 40 calories

B. 1.5 g fat

C. 6 grams of sugar

From these values, you can judge the richness of light cream per tablespoon used in this coffee.

Dunkin Donuts coffee cream is prepared with the following ingredients.

A. Sugar

B. Cream

C. Skimmed milk

Their cream also contains some natural and artificial ingredients.


What is the Exact Amount of Cream Used in This Coffee?

Dunkin Donuts have set their own standards for cream and sugar.

1. A small coffee has 2 grams cream and 2 grams of sugar.

2. A medium one has 3 grams of cream and sugar each.

3. A large cup has 4 grams of sugar and 4 grams of cream.

4. The extra-large coffee cup contains 5 grams of cream and 5 grams of sugar.

An 8-ounce cup or 250 mL of coffee contains 15 or 30 ml of cream.

Their machines are designed to produce a specific amount for each size.

A machine at Dunkin Donuts can brew ¼ cup at a time.

How Much Cream and Sugar is Used in Dunking Donuts Iced Coffee?

Like I said earlier, Dunkin Donuts have their own measurements.

It contains 4 teaspoons of cream and sugar for large iced coffee, 3 teaspoons each for medium, and 2 teaspoons of sugar and cream for a small cup of coffee.

Dunkin Donuts on the go coffee contains 39 g of total sugar out of which 29 % is the added sugar making it 58% of your daily value.

All the iced coffees are sweetened except hazelnut flavor.

It has both options; sweetened or unsweetened.

Dunkin’s iced coffee is prepared by brewing a hot cup with a double amount of coffee and then cooling it down to pour on the ice.

Is It Healthy to Drink Dunkin Donuts Coffee Regularly?

Well, excess of everything is bad for our health.

If you are having moderate doses of Dunkin coffee then it won’t affect your health.

But if you drink it excessively every day, then it may cause some health issues for you.

A coffee at Dunkin Donuts contains saturated fat in the form of cream.

It can increase your cholesterol and sugar levels.

If you are adding lots of cream, syrups, and sugar in your coffee every time then it’s going to be really unhealthy for you.

Take a moderate amount of coffee with little sugar and syrup or you can go for espresso coffee to stay on a healthy diet.

Final Thoughts

As far as the amount of cream and sugar in Dunkin Donuts coffee is concerned, you have already got the answer by now.

It basically uses granulated or liquid sugar in their coffee.

And a medium cup of coffee contains around 26 grams or 3 teaspoons of sugar.

They use their secret light cream in their coffee.

If you keep your number of coffee cups limited, then Dunkin Donuts coffee is a healthy option.

So, I recommend to enjoy yourself with a creamy cup of coffee from Dunkin Donuts in moderation.


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