How to Remove Coffee Smell from a Glass Jar – 5 Easy Tricks to Get Rid of Bad Odor from Glass Bottles

how to remove coffee smell from glass jar
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I want to ask you a simple question today.

How many times you have encountered a weird coffee smell from your old glass jar?

Most probably you were storing coffee beans in that jar earlier and now you want to store something else in it.

Re-purposing your glass jar for storing other stuff is only possible when you get rid of that coffee smell completely.

In this article, I am going to tell you exactly 5 of my easiest tricks that I use to remove that coffee smell entirely from my glass jars so that I can store other things without any bad odor issues.

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5 Cleaning Methods to Get Rid of Coffee Smell from a Glass Jar

Method 1: Use a Liquid Dish Soap and a Glass Jar Cleaning Brush

This is the simplest method that I use to de-stink any glass jar at my home.

Things You will Need:

1. Liquid dish soap

2. Good Quality Glass Jar Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Procedure:

1. Take out all the coffee beans from your glass jar and give it a good wash under the tap water.

2. Now make a soapy water solution using warm water and your liquid dish soap.

3. After this, pour the solution inside the glass jar. Give it a shake 4-5 times with its lid closed.

4. Then open the lid, take out your glass jar cleaning brush and start cleaning the inside of the glass bottle.

5. Cover all the corners carefully and once you are done cleaning, just throw out the solution into the sink.

6. Now rinse your glass jar under the tap water once again and finally keep it aside to make it dry for 1-2 hours.

Method 2: Use Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaner

Yes, I know you might be wondering whether it is safe to use.

But I assure you that Cafiza is an excellent coffee machine cleaner product that helps you to easily remove all types of coffee oil residue, coffee stains and coffee odor.

You can use it to clean almost all types of surfaces including aluminum, stainless steel and glass.

Things You will Need:

1. Cafiza Coffee Machine Cleaner

2. Glass Jar Cleaning Brush

3. Warm Water

Cleaning Procedure:

1. First, you will need to make a soapy water solution using Cafiza cleaner.

2. Mix 1 teaspoon of Cafiza cleaner powder into a 1 liter of warm water. Make it a homogeneous mixture.

3. Now pour that solution inside your glass jar. Close the lid and shake the bottle vigorously few times.

4. After that start cleaning the inside of the bottle with your glass jar cleaning brush while the soapy solution is still inside.

5. Once you are done cleaning properly, just throw out all the solution in the sink.

6. Finally rinse your glass jar under the tap water and keep it aside for few minutes to let it become dry.

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Method 3: Use Ground Mustard Powder

Yes, mustard powder is a highly efficient cleaning agent that is extremely useful in removing all types of odor from a glass material.

Things You Will Need:

1. Organic Ground Mustard Powder

2. Hot Water

Cleaning Procedure:

1. This is the easiest method of all for sure. All you need to do is to add 1-2 tablespoons of organic ground mustard powder inside the glass jar.

2. Then add half jar of hot water inside.

3. Now let the powder mix into the hot water. After that start shaking the bottle or a jar vigorously for few times while its lid is closed obviously.

4. Once you do it few times, then just open the lid and throw out all the solution into your kitchen sink.

5. Finally, rinse the jar properly under the tap water and allow few minutes to dry the glass jar.

Method 4: Using Glass Bottle Cleaning Tablets

This is one more interesting cleaning method that you can use quickly at your home.

A cleaning tablet like Cleanhike glass cleaning tablet is completely free from chlorine or bleach.

Plus, it is made from 100% natural, bio-degradable plant-based material.

So, it is completely safe to clean all types of stainless steel, ceramic, plastic and glass bottles.

Things You will Need:

1. CleanHike Glass Bottle Cleaning Tablets

2. Hot Water

3. Glass Jar Cleaning Brush

Cleaning Procedure:

1. First fill up the glass jar with hot or warm water completely.

2. Then add 1 CleanHike glass cleaning tablet inside the jar.

3. Now close the lid of the glass jar and allow next 15-30 minutes for the tablet to do its internal cleaning.

4. The coffee smell or any other internal smell of the jar will be gone after you use these tablets. Once the time is over, just shake the bottle vigorously few times.

5. Before throwing out the solution, you can also make use of a glass jar cleaning brush to give it one more thorough cleaning from the inside.

6. Once you are done cleaning with the brush, just throw out the entire solution in the sink.

7. Finally, rinse the glass jar entirely under the tap water and keep it aside to let it dry.

Method 5: Wash it with Baking Soda

Finally, I recommend using baking soda as the last cleaning option.

Because it a strong cleaning agent and must be used only when you can not remove the stinking smell of a glass jar even after trying out the other recommended methods.

Things You will Need:

1. Pure Baking Soda

2. Hot Water

3. Glass Jar Cleaning Brush

4. Soapy Water

Cleaning Procedure:

1. In the beginning, to get the best results; I suggest to clean your glass jar with regular warm soapy water.

2. Once you do that, then add 1-3 tablespoons of pure baking soda powder inside the glass bottle.

3. Now pour hot water inside it to fill it completely. Close the lid and shake the bottle vigorously for few times.

4. After this, you can also use your glass jar cleaning brush to clean the bottle properly from inside.

5. Once done, pour the inside solution into the sink and rinse the jar entirely under the tap water. Finally, let it become dry by keeping it aside for few minutes.

Here is a simple instructional video that will help you understand the whole cleaning process.

Final Thoughts

Removing a coffee smell or any other bad odor from any type of glass bottle or a glass jar is not that difficult.

You can use simple cleaning methods such as warm soapy water, Cafiza cleaner, water bottle cleaning tablets, mustard powder or even baking soda to remove the bad odor from your glass jars.

I recommend you to regularly clean your glass jar to keep it odor free and bacteria free.

All you have to do is to get few cleaning agents and invest few minutes of your daily working schedule to clean the jars. That’s it.


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