What Does Bold Coffee Mean – A Complete Guide to Learn About Bold Coffee

Have you ever heard about the term “Bold Coffee”?

If are really curious to know about this concept then you have come to the right place.

What does bold coffee mean?

Is there any difference between your regular coffee and bold coffee?

Does it have more caffeine in it?

Is it the strongest coffee available?

There are lots of such unanswered questions and queries and lots of misunderstandings about this bold coffee.

Firstly, let’s know what exactly does this bold coffee mean and about its flavors.

It refers to the aromas and flavors that are present in the coffee beans themselves.

It indicates that it has a high to medium percentage of caffeine that depends on how you measure your beans.

In simple words, it has high strength, which is due to the ratio of coffee to water.

Just hearing this term, bold coffee concludes that it would have a rich and strong flavor in it.

But in reality, the term refers to the method the coffee beans are roasted, which ultimately leads to an intense flavor.

Today, I am going to discuss about the bold coffee term in detail.

In the end, I will also tell you how you can make a bold coffee at home all by yourself.

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What is the True Meaning of Bold Coffee?

Bold coffee simply means dark roasted coffee.

In layman’s terms or in simple words, you can say that there is much higher concentration of the ground coffee in comparison to the water added in the coffee.

Thus, this type of coffee includes smoky, roasted, and carbonyl flavors.

This type of coffee is a clean type with little higher acidic flavor.

It is bright in color and leaves a rich and clear sensation on your tongue.

It generally goes well with very little cream and no milk.

The bold coffee has defined and intense upper notes and a dominating base.

However, there are wide varieties of definitions you are going to find depending upon different coffee shops and different geographies.

When you go to the Starbucks coffee shop and ask for bold coffee, you will be getting a cup of super dark roasted coffee.

You will not be getting the same strong flavor and aroma at other coffee shops when you ask for the bold coffee.

So, the flavor, aroma and taste will vary a bit when you drink this coffee at different coffee shops.

What Does Extra Bold Coffee Mean?

Extra bold coffee simply means that the coffee beans used in making this coffee will be super dark roasted and will have much stronger flavor.

The coffee beans used in making extra bold coffee are usually dark brown and nearly black in color.

They often have an oily sheen on their surface.

The coffee made with this has a smoky, burnt, bitter taste.

It is significantly lower in caffeine.

It is made to reach an internal temperature of 240°C Or beyond to the point where the bean’s surface cracks.

But if you go higher than this temperature level, then it would result in charcoal-like tarry flavors.

These beans are often used for espresso and Turkish blends.

Extra bold coffee has 30% more ground coffee for each brew if you are one among those who love dark roast coffee.

This simply means, it has more intense, richer coffee drinking experience because of 30 percent higher ground coffee concentration.

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What Does Bold Mean on a Coffee Maker?

Slow water extraction is really important when you talk about making bold coffee using different coffee makers.

The amount of water that passes through the coffee grind and the filter makes all the difference while preparing for bold coffee.

In this process, the water entry is slowed down a bit so that the it has a longer time to step inside the coffee grounds.

And this is how the strong coffee is produced and then it is called as a bold coffee.

In other words, in this setting, they keep the hot water in the brewing chamber for a longer time period.

This allows you to keep lengthier extraction of the flavor in the brewed coffee.

Is There Any Difference Between Regular Coffee and Bold Coffee?

Regular Coffee:

Talking about regular coffee, the strength depends on the ratio of the coffee grounds to water concentration.

In regular coffee, you do not need dark roasted beans in particular.

Sometimes few of them have darker roasted beans.

In this kind of coffee, the ratios are different.

Coffee has higher ratios of coffee to water.

Regular coffee has an aromatic smell that is both enticing and mild.

Normal coffee can be taken in the daytime or any other time in the evening.

With this coffee, you will not feel too much acidic and heavy on the stomach.

It can be prepared according to the user’s strength and which is made with some milk and water.

They taste creamy with solid flavor as well, which is what people want and like to have in a regular coffee.

Bold Coffee:

Bold coffee has a very distinct and smoky aroma because of the strong flavor of the coffee beans.

It can be made light or strong according to the choice of the drinker.

The flavor of the bold coffee may vary on the method of brewing.

This type of coffee has inherited flavors of dark roasted beans, which makes us smell smoky flavor and wooden solid.

Most of these types of beverages are acidic, and it is not recommended to have them on an empty stomach.

Because it leaves rich aftertaste once you drink and it can cause acidity if consumed after a meal.

Bold coffee has different types of preparation methods which can make the coffee light or strong.

These kinds of drinks are highly recommended during the morning only.

This coffee can be taken with some sort of snacks during the evenings too if you are on empty stomach.

Does Bold Coffee Have More Caffeine?

Bold coffee contains mainly dark roasted beans.

Dark roasted beans and lightly roasted beans virtually have the same caffeine level.

When you measure the volume in terms of scoops, the dark roasted beans are actually lightweight as compared to lightly roasted beans.

This results in weaker brew and less caffeine in reality.

But if you measure the beans in terms of their weight, then dark roasted beans may produce more caffeine content as compared to light ones.

Brewed coffee with dark roasted beans may contain more caffeine if it is measured in weight before its brewing.

(Source: Scribblerscoffee.com)

Is Strong Coffee Same as Bold Coffee?

Strong Coffee:

When we talk about strong coffee, it refers to the strength of the coffee.

It mainly considers its extraction and brewing method.

While discussing this coffee, the strength is defined by the grounds-to-water ratio used in beverages.

The higher the ratio, the more concentrated will be the extraction.

The lower the ratio, the weaker the extraction will be.

As any coffee can be brewed “weak” and “strong”, it completely depends upon the person making an individual choice.

Strong coffee has a high concentration of coffee grounds that produces thick, strong brewed coffee.

It could be bitter in taste and can contain higher caffeine levels.

It does not need roasted beans to prepare the coffee.

Bold Coffee:

Bold coffee indicates that it is a cup of defined and intense flavor, with dominating base and upper notes.

Generally, it is a clean coffee with higher acidity and brightness.

Bold coffee creates a near-tingling and rich sensation on your tongue.

Usually, there is confusion between boldness and strength.

But most of the coffee roasters agree upon the above definition.

Bold beans define that the coffee is bold regardless of the roast shade or brew strength.

The point to be noted is that the strength again is referred to by the type of coffee brew.

As mentioned above, there are slight differences between the two.

The main difference is types of beans used in them.

Dark roasted beans are mainly used in bold coffee while any type coffee can be used in strong coffee.

The thing is strong coffee only consists of higher concentration of coffee beans as compared to the water.

Strong coffee does not have too much roasted beans while bold coffee has dark roasted beans only.

Bold coffee may not be as much bitter as compared to the bitterness of strong coffee.

So, these are the basic differences between the strong coffee and the bold coffee.

How to Make Bold Coffee at Home?

It is not the hard to make bold coffee at home.

Follow the below given steps and you can be ready with your coffee in just few minutes.

Step 1: Choose the Right Coffee Beans

If your choice is to have a strong beverage, we can go for light and finely roasted beans.

For mild, you can go for dark roasted beans.

And if you want a strong flavor, then you can just do that by adjusting the ratio of the coffee beans to the water.

You can take 100% Arabica coffee beans if you want bold coffee to be bright.

You should choose Robusta coffee beans only when you need the taste to be bolder.

Choose your coffee beans type depending on which type of flavor and taste you need in your bold coffee.

For the bold coffee to be perfect in taste and flavor, I highly recommend to choose only super dark roasted beans that are available online.

Step 2: Maintain Right Water to Coffee Grounds Ratio

You will get a bitter cup of coffee if you grind the coffee beans excessively.

A medium-ground coffee works best for the average drinker.

To make sure that you are getting the perfect flavor that you need, you can make changes in the amount of water you add.

In general, you should use 2 tbsp of coffee grounds for 180ml of water.

To get the right flavor, you should maintain the suggested water to ground coffee ratio which is two tablespoons of grounds to one cup of water.

In this case, you must use only the hot water so that it helps in extracting the flavors faster from the ground coffee.

To make sure that the coffee is made richer and to bring a strong flavor to it, it is recommended to pour the water about 30 sec to 1 min after it boils.

Step 3: Brew Within 10 Minutes

To get the right flavor and taste in your bold coffee, it is highly recommended to brew this coffee before 10 minutes are over.

Keeping time limit is very essential if you want to maintain the taste and flavor in your coffee.

So, don’t forget to brew your coffee within first 10 minutes.

Additional Tips to Follow:

1, Don’t add too much coffee to make the coffee stronger. Because too much coffee can make it taste bitter.

2, Choose premium dark roasted coffee beans only.

Do not go for cheap brands which could make your coffee taste strange and unpleasant.

The below 2 brands are my favorite ones when it comes to making a pleasant and flavorful bold coffee.

Lavazza Medium Roasted Whole Beans

Koffee Kult Dark Roasted Whole Beans

Final Thoughts

Bold coffee is all about the beans we choose and the correct water-to-ground ratio.

Generally, it is all about the roasted beans and the flavors and the aroma it has.

It has a normal to medium level of caffeine in it depending on how we measure it.

This bold coffee is beneficial for you when you consume it in the morning or evening.

I hope you have gotten more valuable information regarding bold coffee.

In the end, I recommend to use only the good quality dark roasted beans that are mentioned above if you want the right flavor and aroma in your coffee.






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