Why Does Coffee Smell Like Poop? – 2 Primary Reasons That Cause Bad Taste and Smell in Your Coffee

coffee smells like poop
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Few days ago, I had a horrible experience about the newly purchased coffee beans.

I bought those coffee beans from a local coffee shop and it smelled horrendous just like poop.

I got nausea twitch and was about to vomit.

I have experienced this same situation few times before.

I am sure many of you have gone through this experience at least once in your  life time.

The main reason why coffee smells like poop is because of the over roasted coffee beans.

Too much or excessive roasting of the coffee beans creates really strong and unpleasant aroma.

The oil present in the beans makes situation worse when exposed to higher temperature.

Too much dark roasted coffee beans releases bad aroma in the atmosphere.

It will make your coffee disgusting and smell like a cat’s litter or poop.

This is the reason, I highly recommend to use light roasted coffee beans such as Lavazza Organic Tierra Light Roasted Whole Coffee Beans.

In this article, I will not only share the reason behind poop like smell of your coffee but also explain you the solution to this problem. 

So, without any delay, let’s get started.

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2 Main Reasons That Cause Your Coffee to Smell Like Poop

1. Over Roasting of Coffee Beans

As I mentioned earlier, the main reason behind poop like smell of your coffee the over roasting of the coffee beans.

The over roasted beans will produce a kind of dense oil and a strong smell.

Thus, the coffee tastes nasty and sour.

This will cause your coffee to smell like poop or cat’s pee.

Here, I want to share the logic behind the smell of poop coming from your coffee beans. 

Coffee is mainly composed of substances such as Sodium, Potassium and other minerals.

Standard high temperatures are set to roast the coffee beans.

This enhances the characteristic smell of the type of roast by emitting a strong aroma.

It is done by the stimulation of the natural oils present in the coffee beans during the whole roasting process.

If you give a dark roast to your coffee, it will produce a pungent smell and unpleasant taste.

Therefore, if you are sick of the smell of poop coming from your coffee, the other way to avoid this smell is to get light roasted coffee beans.

2. Outgassing

Another reason can be the reaction that occurs when coffee beans come in contact with oxygen gas.

This phenomenon is known as outgassing.

The resulting oxidation reaction will cause the coffee beans to produce a vinegary smell and rancid taste.

Coffee beans even get degraded by light, temperature, and heat.

Once the newly roasted beans are exposed consistently to higher temperature, light and air, then they become rancid and provide burnt or plastic taste in your coffee.

When you experience such kind of bad smell, taste and aroma, then it is better to throw them away and get yourself a new package of coffee beans.

Why Does My Poop Smell Like Coffee If I Don’t Drink Coffee?

Even if you are not drinking coffee at the moment, the coffee like smell of your poop can be the result of your consumption of earlier coffees.

Those who are coffee lovers often have the complain that their poop smell like coffee.

The digestive tract absorbs the polyphenols present in the coffee.

It is used, fissured, and then excreted.

So, your poop will contain a heavy amount of polyphenols present from the previous coffee.

That is why your poop smells like coffee even if you haven’t drank coffee that day.

Your poop smells like coffee if you have overdosed on caffeine.

High caffeine intake also causes dehydration leading to dryness.

This enhances the smell of coffee in your poop.

There can be other possible reasons for this problem.

Some of the most important ones are provided as follows.

1. Urinary Tract Infection causes your pee to smell like coffee.

It occurs due to the habitation of bacteria in your urinary tract.

2. If bacteria enters from the intestine into your bladder, called bladder fistula, then also it can cause your poop to smell like coffee.

3. If you are suffering from liver disease, then you might experience smelly poop.

4. Pregnant women often suffer from poop with a strong odor.

If you are suffering from such problems then you must seek medical help asap.

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Why Does Coffee Make Your Breath Smell Like Poop?

Caffeine is the main factor which makes your breath smell like poop.

It lowers your saliva production and causes bad breath.

Some of the main reasons that causes bad breath due to coffee are as follows.

1. Saliva is responsible for killing all the bacteria in your mouth.

2. It also causes some initial digestion.

When the rate of saliva lessens, the bacteria producing bad breath doubles in number.

3. Due to less production of saliva, food is also not digested properly.

So, the bacteria cause the food to break down producing disgusting smells.

4. Coffee contains sulfur too which is broken down by bacteria to produce a bad smell.

Apart from all these reasons, coffee itself has a strong aroma that smells like poop after some time.

The high sulfur content in coffee also makes your breath stinky.

What are the Main Solutions to Get Rid of Poop like Smell of Your Coffee?

Not only your coffee beans but all the additives like cream and milk are also responsible for bad breath and poop like smell of your coffee.

Bacteria live on sugar so it can lead to disgusting breath.

The situation will improve to some extent if you add sugar substitutes to your coffee.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can have a cinnamon stick or vanilla beans in your coffee.

Apart from this, milk also contains natural sugar which results in reduction of bacteria.

As I also mentioned earlier that the smell in your coffee can also be the result of over roasted beans.

So, try to select light roasted coffee beans for your coffee too.

There are other simple remedies that you can try at your home.

1. Store the beans in an air tight container so that air cannot enter and outgassing issue will be solved.

2. Before you store the beans in sealed containers, make sure they are dry.

3. Just before you brew your coffee, let the grounds sit in fresh air for some time.

4. Brush your teeth regularly right after drinking coffee.

5. Use Zinc containing toothpaste to prevent bad breath.

6. Use mouthwash and drink plenty of water on a daily basis to prevent bad breath and coffee smell from your poop.

Final Thoughts

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide.

The over roasted beans can cause the coffee grounds to smell like poop.

Consuming large quantities of coffee daily can cause your poop to smell like coffee.

Therefore, I highly recommend to limit your number of coffee cups to 1-2 at max.

Caffeine will lower your saliva production and will result in a bacterial breakdown.

This makes your breath smelly.

If you want to avoid bad breath and poop smelling like coffee, then it is important to follow the above tips carefully.

If you follow the above precautions then you will be able to prevent issues that causes coffee to smell like poop and cat pee.









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