How to Make Philz Coffee Sweet and Creamy at Home – Learn The Real Trick

I like Philz Coffee company for two main reasons.

The first one is obviously because of their premium quality coffee beans.

And the second reason is because they have taken a global initiative to make coffee sustainable through a Sustainable Coffee Challenge.

If you have been at Philz ever before then you must know that they offer a unique taste and creamy textured coffee.

They usually do not consider themselves as big as the renowned coffee places like MacDonald’s but they are also much more popular than the local coffee shops.

One of the most prominent features of Philz coffee which differentiates them from other coffee shops is their unique menu.

The have omitted espressos from their menu, which means no lattes and no cappuccinos.

Another main reason of their rising popularity is that the drinks are made to order.

The whipping cream used in the coffee is also creamy and buttery.

Today, I am going to discuss several other features of Philz coffee.

And you will also learn how to make Philz coffee at home with the proper sweetness and creamy texture.

I am sure after reading this article completely, you are going to crave Philz coffee more than ever before!!!

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What Does Philz Creamy Mean?

Philz coffee, an American-based coffee company, originated in California, is popular for its creamy coffee.

Coffee lovers, generally, prefer a creamy and buttery coffee.

To enhance their customer experience, Philz coffee uses heavy whipping cream which is different from typical whipping cream.

It gives the coffee a buttery, silky and creamy texture.

This specially made whipping cream is what gives the Philz coffee the creamy texture.

What Syrup Does Philz Coffee Use?

As mentioned earlier, the coffee at Philz is custom-made.

So, you can tell your order to the bartender according to your choice and they will prepare it up to perfection.

You can order from various sweeteners and syrups to be added to your coffee.

Their menu doesn’t contain artificial flavorings.

The main syrups offered by Philz are as follows.

1. Sugar

2. Honey

3. Equal

4. Splenda

5. Stevia

6. Sweet’n low

They freshly blend the beans here at Philz so it takes some time to prepare the coffee.

Therefore, you have to wait patiently.

Another difference worth mentioning between Philz and other coffee brands is that here you give your order first.

After your order is read, then you are supposed to make the payment.

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Does Philz Put Milk in Their Sweet and Creamy Coffee?

Yes! They put milk in their sweet and creamy coffee.

They offer a variety of milk types to their customers.

Some of the important milk types that are available at Philz coffee are as mentioned below.

1. Vanilla soy milk

2. Almond milk

3. 1% milk

4. 2% milk

5. Low-fat milk

6. Whole fat milk

7. Nonfat milk

8. Cream

9. Oat milk

They obtain their almond milk from Califia Farms.

It tastes semi-sweet. They use it for vegan mochas & lattes.

How Does Philz Make Their Coffee Sweet and Creamy?

As I mentioned earlier, Philz uses a whipping cream for their hot or cold beverages.

This cream is unusual and it has unique ingredients.

It is different from the ones normally used to make your coffee velvety and soft.

The heavy whipping cream used at Philz is used in heavy amount in all of their coffee drinks.

It makes the coffee calorific.

Another secret to their creamy coffee is that they shake the box of the cream before pouring it into the coffee.

Shaking the cream makes bubbles in it and forms froth on the surface of the coffee.

This is how Philz coffee becomes sweet and creamy in my honest opinion.

How To Make Coffee Like Philz Sweet and Creamy at Home?

If you are craving Philz coffee right now then I am going to share the whole procedure of making Philz creamy coffee at home.

It will help you to make your coffee sweet and creamy just like Philz Coffee.

Main Ingredients:

1. A spoonful of coffee beans.

2. A filter with a flat base

3. One and a half cups of water heated to 205 F

4. Ice (2 cups)

5. Milk or syrup according to your choice.

You can also get a milk substitute.

6. Two empty coffee cups (for brewing & drinking)

Coffee Making Procedure:

1. First you will need to grind the coffee beans in the espresso machine.

2. Add sugar to the coffee drinking cup according to your requirements.

3. Add hot water to the coffee grounds. Mix it properly for 5-10 seconds.

4. After the coffee stops dripping, add a spoonful of coffee to the drinking cup and let it melt.

5. Fill the drinking cup with the remaining coffee.

6. In the end, add drizzles of well-beaten cream or milk in the hot coffee.

If you want to make it without an espresso machine, then I recommend to grind the coffee beans.

Add them to your coffee cup and pour hot water according to your needs.

Stir the mixture well.

Then pour it from one cup to the other cup few times until it gets firmer.

A Real Trick To Make Philz Coffee Sweet and Creamy

If you want to make your coffee sweet & creamy then remember the following tips.

Philz uses one tablespoon of sugar and half an inch of cream.

However, you can get two tablespoons of brown sugar and three-quarter inch of cream.

Philz coffee contains calories ranging between 5 and 480  because it mainly depends on the amount of cream, milk, and sweeteners used in it.

Coffee itself is low in calories.

To get the best Philz coffee drinking experience, I recommend to use only good quality glass coffee mugs.

These mugs will also keep your coffee hot for a little more time.

Improve your drinking experience by using glass coffee mugs to keep your coffee hot for a longer time!

What is the Best Coffee at Philz?

The best part of Philz coffee is that they prepare customized coffee for you.

They prepare all types of coffee including medium, dark & light roasted beans.

The company makes their coffee behind the counter secretly which is tailored to their perfected coffee making formula.

A small coffee at Philz is 12 oz, the medium cup is 16 oz and the larger one is 20 oz in terms of quantity.

Philz coffee offers a variety of roasts and many of their coffee beans are considered to be the best-selling.

Here, I will mention some of their unique flavored and best tasted coffee brands from their menu.

4 Best Philz Dark Roasted Coffees

1. Jacob’s Wonderbar is rich in chocolate and has a whiff of seasonal fruits.

2. Tantalizing Turkish is strong in flavor and tastes bitter and sugary simultaneously. It is enriched with a strong smell of cardamom.

3. Aromatic Arabic is a spicy coffee for spice lovers.

4. Philz Ether beans are a complex type dark roasted coffee that is blended with cherries & cocoa.

5 Best Philz Medium Roasted Coffees

1. Philharmonic coffee tastes buttery and creamy which is augmented with maple syrup and cardamom.

2. Silken Splendor, as the name suggests, is silky and melts down in the mouth. It contains traces of toffee & citrus fruit.

3. Philz Tesora is also silky and smooth enriched with caramel & vanilla.

4. Philtered Soul has a strong aroma with hazelnut flavor and is sugary in taste.

5. Julie’s Ultimate, is thick and heavy, and has a malty flavor with limps of berry.

4 Best Philz Light Roasted Coffees

1. Ambrosia coffee is sugary and sweet enriched with honey and fresh berries.

2. New Manhattan is bright and enhanced with citrus & tropical fruits.

3. Velvety and smooth, Dancing water contains almonds & chocolate.

4. Greater Alarm looks vivid and bright blended with brown sugar and citrus fruits.

Apart from, the coffees I mentioned here, there are few other coffee flavors in the menu that are worth mentioning.

1. Mint Mojito

Mint mojito at Philz is not a regular one.

It is a blend of mint & Philtered Soul.

As I already mentioned, Philtered soul is strong and high in caffeine.

Mint mojito is also available as mint mojito iced, syrupy and creamy in flavor.

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

It tastes exactly like cinnamon toast.

If you like eating the toast then you will love this coffee!!

It is prepared by blending two coffees in equal amounts.

1. Ambrosia Coffee consists of a balanced blend of grapes, blackberries & toast whiffs.

2. Hazelnut flavored coffee is made of a mixture of milk, chocolate & hazelnut.

3. New Jack City

The name of the coffee mixture must have clicked you as it is taken from the name of a movie.

It is made of a mixture of New Manhattan & Jacob’s Wonderbar.

It is rich and intense in flavor.

New Jack City is a dark roasted coffee.

4. Mocha Tesora

If you are a mocha addict, then mocha tesora is definitely something you love.

Philz does not offer any espresso blends because they don’t keep espresso machines.

Their coffees are completely hand-blended.

Mocha tesora is made of cocoa powder & dark chocolate beans.

It is rich in its chocolate taste.

And it will be the best substitute for your ordinary mocha!

5. Oatmeal Cookie

If you are an oatmeal lover, then this coffee is for you!

It is a mixture of Hazelnut coffee and Julie’s Ultimate.

A pinch of cinnamon flavor is added to enhance its taste.

Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, I must say Philz is a history marker.

For a fun fact, Philz serves coffee free of cost at the wedding of Mark Zuckerberg, the big name.

According to my opinion, the best coffee or a must-try coffee at Philz is Mint Mojito and Mocha Tesora.

Mint mojito has a strong flavor of natural mint and has a buttery texture.

The mint used in Mint mojito is a rare quality found only in Cuba.

Mocha Tesora is a dark chocolate blend with cocoa powder.

These two are my personal favorite drinks and I will recommend all my readers to at least give it a try.

I am sure you are going to love it.

Now, it’s the time you get your coffee and fulfill your cravings.

Enjoy your Philz coffee!!!


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