What is the Best Japanese Canned Coffee? – My Unbiased Review of Suntory Boss Coffee

I usually try to avoid drinking anything that comes in a canned bottle.

But there are quite a few coffee brands available in the market which seems reliable and offers pretty good tasting coffee in a canned format.

If you are a fan of Japanese coffee brands, then I am sure you have heard some of the popular Japanese names such as Asahi, UCC, Georgia and Suntory.

So, today I am going to discuss about the best Japanese canned coffee brand that is available to buy in the United States and United Kingdom.

Yes, from the title you have already guessed that name.

Right now, the best Japanese brand that is selling decent quality flash cold brew coffee in a canned bottle is Suntory Boss Coffee.

In this article, I am going to review this brand where I will explain you its main features and some of its pros and cons.

And finally, I will provide my own verdict about this specific Japanese brand.

So, keep reading this article till the end.

Actually, canned coffee is a Japanese people’s innovation.

It is just a cold brew coffee which comes ready to drink in a canned bottle.

These canned coffee brands do provide different flavors and types too.

Some of the most common types are milk coffee, black coffee, low sugar coffee, milk with no sugar coffee, iced coffee, hazelnut coffee, etc.

They are very popular in Japan and few other countries of the world like US, UK, Canada, etc.

In Japan, you will see them everywhere from supermarkets to convenience stores in the form of vending machines.

They are very cheaply available in every part of the country.

In autumn and winter seasons, you will even get heated cans from the vending machines and in the summer season, you will get cold canned coffee in Japan.

Some of the well-known Japanese companies that sell their own canned coffee are Suntory, UCC, Georgia, Dydo, Fire, Pokka, Asahi Wonda, etc.

Due to its quick and easy availability, cheap price and different flavors of coffee; these canned coffee brands are very popular in Japan.

Gradually, it is becoming popular in US, UK, Canada and other western countries too.

Does Suntory Boss Coffee Contains Caffeine?

Yes, obviously if it is canned coffee, then it must contain some caffeine in it!

A single coffee contains approx. 140 mg or 150 mg of caffeine and the total quantity of coffee per can is approx. 237 ml.

The caffeine content of this coffee is good enough to give you that kick in the morning or in the evening.

You will not feel a burnt taste while drinking this coffee unlike few other cold brew canned coffee brands.

However, depending on your caffeine requirement; you might have to consume two bottles to get that kick.

Can You Heat Up This Suntory Boss Coffee in the Microwave Oven?

Some people do like to heat up cold brew coffee in their microwave ovens at home.

However, the company strongly suggests not to heat up this flash cold brew coffee in the microwave while it is stored in the can.

Direct heating it with the bottle in the microwave can be harmful for your machine and can also spoil your cold canned coffee.

If you still want to heat it and taste its hot version, then you will need to get a microwave safe coffee mug.

Just pour the whole cold coffee in the mug and then heat it up in your microwave oven.

Check out my complete guide on how you can heat up your cold coffee in the microwave safely.

Is There Any Difference Between Original Japan Coffee and US Imported Canned Coffee?

If you are concerned about the potential difference of taste and flavor of original Japanese canned coffee and US imported canned coffee, then you shouldn’t worry about it.

Many people, who have tasted both the versions, have reported that the taste and flavor of both the canned coffee versions are the same and identical.

There might be very little difference in US imported coffee which is negligible by the way.

Is Suntory Boss Canned Coffee Good for a Taste?

There are few natural flavors contained in this cold brew coffee.

It does not contain sugar or milk or any other dairy product.

As far as the taste is concerned, this Japanese Suntory Boss coffee just smells like old 7-Eleven coffee.

The smell is not very strong and sometimes you might feel that this cold coffee is over-roasted in taste.

Due to the lack of any non-coffee flavor, it will taste somewhat bitter the first time you drink it.

You will get used to it just like the taste of other flavored coffee brands available in the market.

However, its milk with coffee version has a good amount of milk and sugar both.

It tastes mildly sweet and will be a good coffee option for folks who love decent mix of milk and sugar in their coffee.

There are basically 3 popular Japanese canned coffee brands available in the market right now.

The first and the most popular one is Suntory Boss Coffee.

The second most popular is Asahi Wonda Black Coffee and the third brand is UCC Black Coffee.

All of these brands offer good quality black coffee for cold canned coffee lovers.

What is the Best Japanese Canned Coffee Selling in the United States?

There are very few Japanese canned coffee brands available in US and UK market.

One of the most popular brands right now in US is Suntory Boss Canned Coffee.

This Suntory brand actually produces flash brew coffee which is brewed hot and then chilled immediately.

The coffee beans of Suntory coffee are actually brought from Colombia and Brazil.

Currently, it is getting very popular among young US coffee lovers.

It is among the most highly rated and reviewed canned coffee brands right now on Amazon and other online retailer sites.

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What I Liked and Didn’t Like About Suntory Boss Coffee?

When the first time my friends recommended me to try this coffee,I was very hesitant to taste it.

But then I thought what the heck! Let’s try it once and then I will review it on my blog.

So, I tried it the very first time and here are my initial impressions about this Japanese canned coffee brand.


1. Easy Availability:

Firstly, it is ready to drink means you can drink it anywhere you go and whenever you need to fulfill your thirst for coffee.

2. Vegan and Healthy Option:

Yes, this coffee is completely vegan in nature. It also contains no sugar, no milk or any other dairy products.

Plus, it is good for people having gluten allergy because it has no gluten content.

If you are currently following keto diet, then also drinking this canned coffee will not affect your diet routine.

3. Smooth Aftertaste:

It has a strong smell due to its flash brew method.

However, you will not feel too much bitterness and it has somewhat smoother aftertaste.

4. Easy to Make Iced Coffee:

You can even make crisp iced coffee version from this canned coffee.

I am a really busy person and likes to travel a lot. This canned coffee is perfectly suitable for people who are always on the move.

5. Best Quality Coffee Beans:

The coffee beans that are used to prepare this coffee are actually sourced from Brazil and Colombia’s fresh coffee farms.

The coffee quality is really excellent due to the top quality beans used in this coffee.

6. Old Respected Japanese Brand:

Suntory is a very well known and well respected Japanese brand. They have been producing coffee in Japan since 1992.

They are working on making ready to drink coffee since last 25 years.

So, they have maintained and enhanced their cold coffee making formula over the years.


1. Little Pricey in US:

The original pricing in Japan for Suntory Boss Coffee is really cheap; somewhere around 3 bucks.

But in US, its price is around 30 to 35 bucks. So, the import duty is higher for these canned coffee brands.

Therefore, you end up paying around ten times its original cost in Japan.

2. Its not Everyone’s Cup of Coffee:

With a flash cold brew coffee in a canned format, it was expected I guess.

There are quite a few folks who have complained about its taste or flavor on Amazon.

Some people don’t like its dull flavor and light watered down taste.

Folks who really loves a taste of strong coffee could get disappointed by its sourness or bitterness.

My Final Verdict

As far as the taste and flavor of this Suntory Boss Flash Cold Brew Coffee is concerned, I will give it 7 out of 10.

Several people have liked its smooth flavor which is not really pungent and very strong like other cold brew coffee brands.

But there are quite a few folks who don’t like its dull watered down flavor.

Its all about your own tastes and preferences in the end.

But if you are someone who travels a lot and needs a regular dose of cold brew coffee on the go, this Suntory Boss coffee is an ideal option.

It is vegan, gluten free, dairy free and without any sugar. Therefore, in health department, I will give it 9 out 10 rating.

The combined rating for this Suntory Boss Canned Coffee from my side is 8 out 10.

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