Why Does My Bunn Coffee Maker Overflow? – 5 Simple Tricks to Avoid Water Leakage

I know how much a cup of fresh coffee in the morning from your Bunn coffee maker makes a difference in your life these days, especially in the outbreak of the deadly Corona Virus all over the world.

Surviving a day without a cup of coffee seems rather unusual. With all the stress, unemployment, work from home tension and incomplete sleep, coffee is what keeps you going in this epidemic outburst in more than 190 countries.

A fresh brew in the morning or a strong one in the evening, both are equally refreshing. You must have made your coffee several times with the help of your favorite Bunn coffee machine at home.

But today, we are actually going to discuss the 5 effective methods that can help you solve your coffee maker overflow issues.

Have you ever wondered why your coffee machine leaks water or coffee? Have you ever thought that why does your Bunn coffee maker overflow and how you can fix it at your home?

I am sure this incident must have happened with you after purchasing this coffee machine. If currently, you are facing this issue, then don’t worry.

Today, I am going to share some quick fixes and few easy tricks that will help you avoid this problem happening in the future.

But first, I would like to provide the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about this Bunn coffeemaker.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bunn Coffee Maker Leakage

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Why is My Bunn Coffee Maker Overflowing the Grounds Basket?

The overflowing from Bunn coffee machine’s ground basket or better said the coffee filter is a problem that most people encounter at some point after its purchase.

There are several reasons why this might be happening. Smaller Outlet: The primary reason being the outlet is much smaller than the inlet.

1. Smaller Outlet: The primary reason being the outlet is much smaller than the inlet.

In this case, water flows out of the coffee filter more rapidly than it comes in. Due to this issue, the problem of overflowing arises.

By the time the water escapes from beneath the basket, more and more water accumulates in it. Upon reaching its threshold, having nowhere to go, it escapes from the sides and overflows.

To fix this problem, you must regulate and restrict the flow of water for this or you can buy a new good quality coffee filter for your Bunn coffee machine.

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2. Low Quality Coffee: Another reason for this to happen could be the coffee itself.

The consistency of the coffee makes a difference too.

If the coffee you purchased is sub-standard, then it gets collected in the filter paper and it clogs the machine.

Again, due to this blockage, the grounds basket starts to overflow.

Therefore, it is really important for you to buy a good quality coffee brand that does not get clogged easily inside the coffee filter.

My favorite coffee brand that I love to drink is Lavazza Super Crema. If you are also looking for a high quality Italian whole coffee brand then go for it.

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How Much Coffee And Water Do You Need To Put in a Bunn Coffee Maker?

Selecting the right amount of coffee and water in a coffeemaker helps you to blend a perfect brew coffee.

At the same time, it also aids you in reducing any problems which you could face with your coffee machine.

When you put the right quantity of water and coffee in your machine, obviously your chances of making excellent tasting coffee increases manifold.

For the best coffee results, I am providing the recommended amount of coffee and water that you can put in the Bunn coffee machine for a refreshing brew.

First, fill the pot with around 4 to 10 cups of water, and then pour the water in the machine.

After starting the machine, wait for a few minutes till the water gets warm.

Then add 2 tablespoons of coffee for a mild brew and 3 tablespoons of coffee for a potent brew.

You can then nicely enjoy your cup of coffee without any mess to clean or having to drink bad coffee, either.

That’s it, guys.

You only require 4 to 10 cups of water and 2-3 tablespoons of coffee beans to add in your Bunn coffee maker to produce the coffee that you would love to drink every day.

How Do You Adjust The Water Flow in a Bunn Coffee Machine?

The water flow in any coffeemaker has to be appropriately adjusted, or else things can go out of control.

The water can seep out of your machine and can spill in the surrounding, making it a messy situation for yourself.

The water is boiling as well, so if you come in contact with the water directly, there is a chance of you getting burnt.

The overflowing water can even make things around the coffeemaker wet and can spoil the stuff around the machine.

It is not only a mess that you have to clean but if you do not control it, it can even lead to a short circuit in the worst scenario.

There are several reasons and ways in which you can find a permanent solution to this problem.

Some of the most obvious methods to control the water flow in your Bunn coffee maker are provided as follows.

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Method 1: Check the Spray Head

The first thing that you need to do is to check the spray head of your coffee maker.

If it is intact, then it will ensure the proper flow of water into the pot.

The spray heads of most coffee machines are fragile and can be easily damaged.

If the head is damaged, then it will not have proper water flow.

The water will flow in any direction, causing it to spill and overflow.

In this case, you need to replace the spray head immediately to avoid trouble further ahead.

If your spray head is also damaged, then I recommend it to replace it with a new reliable one.

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Method 2: Replace the Old Coffee Filters

The other reason why the water might overflow is the kind of filter paper which you use.

The wrong kind of filter paper makes the water to spill.

You must use a high-quality filter paper, and it is recommended that you use the filter paper which is being provided by the company itself.

Because only these filter papers work best in controlling the water flow to its maximum efficiency.

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How Do You Drain a Bunn Coffee Maker?

Buying a coffee machine at your home is not enough if you cannot maintain and clean it properly.

For effective and long-term usage of these machines, you must perform their proper cleaning and maintenance.

Draining is an essential part of this maintenance, and the actual process to drain your Bunn coffee maker is provided as follows.

A. Start with opening the lid at the top of the coffee machine. The machine itself has to be handled with care, so try being a bit gentle while dealing with the device.

B. You will see a valve arm inside the coffee maker. Remove that arm and flip the machine.

C. Flipping the machine will make all the contents inside to drain out easily. Please wait for a couple of minutes for it to happen.

D. The cavities inside the machine could take more time to drain. Once it is done, do clean it as well.

E. Finally, let your machine dry for 20-30 minutes before using it for another batch of fresh brew.

5 Easy Methods to Fix Your Bunn Coffee Maker Overflow Issue

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Overflowing is a common problem in most Bunn coffee machines. It does not always mean that there is some manufacturing defect in your machine.

The following 5 methods will certainly help you in fixing the water leakage problem of your Bunn coffee machine.

Method 1: Adjust Brew Volume to Specific Level

There are several reasons why the overflow happens in the coffee machines.

The most important thing that you need to see to stop its overflowing is the adjustment of its brew volume.

The coffee maker can brew only up to a certain extent and volume, which is pre-specified in all machines.

By adjusting the brew volume, you can set it to its maximum capacity.

If you adjust the brew volume level slightly more than its capacity, then it is bound to overflow.

So, you should always check the brew volume and set it as per the specified limit to avoid any overflow.

Method 2: Remove Left Over Coffee from the Pot

Another reason for the overflow of water is due to the surplus coffee which is already present in the coffee pot.

From the previous batch, if there is any coffee left, then even after adjusting the brew volume, it will start overflowing.

So, checking if the pot is empty and removing the leftover coffee from the coffee pot is very important.

If you do this regularly every time you prepare your coffee, then I am sure you will not have any issue of leakage with this coffee machine.

Method 3: Throw Out Cheap Store Filters and Start using Bunn Coffee Filters

Yes, I know that many people use those cheap quality store coffee filters.

But let me assure you one fact that you will not be able to stop your coffee machine leakage with these cheap filters.

In fact, those filters make your problem worse.

Branded Bunn coffee filters are a bit taller and they are of much higher quality.

If you look at the cheap store filters, then you will find that they are very dense which causes coffee spillover more often.

The branded Bunn filters do make a hell lot of difference when you use them in your machine.

You can even poke some holes in the circular fashion on these coffee filters to make the process more streamlined and it will also help you to brew your coffee without any water or coffee overflow.

I strongly recommend you to watch the following video to understand how to use Bunn coffee filters to prevent this overflow issue.

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Method 4: Resealing the Leaky Gasket

Another very common issue that has been experienced in BX, GRX or NHBX Bunn coffee machines is that after a few months or years of regular usage, the internal water gasket starts to leak.

When you pour water in the top of the machine, sometimes it starts draining from the gasket hole and leaks from the sides and from the back of your machine.

To avoid this water leaking issue, you can apply a very simple remedy which I am going to share below.

A. First, we need to open up the top part of the machine. There are 2 screws for the fill door that you can remove with the help of your trusty screwdriver.

If you don’t have one then you can order the Magnetic Torx Screwdriver Set that I often use for my coffee machine repairs.

B. Once you open the top water fill door, then there are 4 more screws which you will need to unscrew on the top. Also, don’t forget to take out the white plunger. The plunger plays an important role in controlling the water flow.

It’s like a safety lever that prevents overflowing of the decanter. But sometimes, it is not enough to avoid the leakage and that’s why we are going to apply our ninja technique to prevent this water overflow.

C. Once you take out all 4 screws of the top and take out the decanter completely; then you will see the water entrance hole on the machine inside.

The water leakage happens mostly at these two holes due to the remaining gap. If we can fill up this gap, then we can certainly stop the leakage of water from this hole.

D. To fix this leakage issue, you can simply use a cheap silicone sealing kit to close the leakage part of the decanter.

Just get a seat washer kit online and apply it on the decanter hole. Apply larger end from below the decanter and you will be able to fix this issue nice and clean.

E. If you want to apply some silicone lotion to firmly apply the seat washer kit, then you can do the same without any issues.

Once you seal it properly with the silicone kit, then put all the parts properly in their place. Close the fill door neatly and boom, your machine now works flawlessly without any irritating water leakage.

Watch the following video to understand how this whole water leakage fixing procedure can be done at your home.

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Method 5: Replace Broken Sprayhead

After months or years of regular usage, sometimes the sprayhead of your Bunn coffee maker gets damaged or dirty. When this happens, the water starts to leak from there and you can certainly fix it on your own.

If it gets dirty, then you can descale it or delime it to remove the internal dirt and make it clean for proper functioning.

But if the sprayhead is broken or not functioning properly, then you will need to replace it with the new one.

You can get all the versions of sprayhead online which can suit your specific model of the Bunn machine.

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Wrapping Up

The above 5 are the most effective methods that can help you quickly fix the water and coffee overflow issue regarding your Bunn Coffee Maker.

Not using the correct filter paper, broken spray head, improper grounds basket, inconsistent coffee, and an inadequate amount of water are a few reasons why the Bunn coffee maker overflows.

The solutions to all these problems are also simple and with proper knowledge, you can do it on your own at home.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your Bunn coffee machine will also help you immensely to avoid these water leakage problems in the future.

If you want to know how to fix the overflow issue in Cuisinart Coffee Machines, then check out this article too.

And don’t forget to share this article with your closed ones if any one of them is facing this issue recently. See you in the next article.



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