Nespresso Lights Keep Flashing After Descaling – 4 Main Reasons and 4 Easy Remedies

nespresso lights keep flashing after descaling
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Do you regularly use a Nespresso coffee machine at your home and do you love to drink a cup of espresso every morning?

The coffee maker is a disguised godsend that enables you to produce a warm cup of coffee to chase away the morning blahs.

However, it might be quite concerning if the orange light on your Nespresso machine begins to flicker.

The last thing you want to deal with in the morning, when so many people depend on you for their daily cup of coffee is your Nespresso machine that won’t operate starts flickering abruptly.

Given that modern coffee makers make use of several intricate components, figuring out the cause of this problem might be difficult for some individuals.

Fortunately, if you identify the root cause, then it is usually pretty easy to fix that problem with the right tips.

There are certain issues that usually cause flashing lights in your Nespresso machine even after it is being descaled.

The main reasons behind this issue are accidental activation of descaling process, preheating of the machine, blocked capsule, and low water level in the water tank.

I will explain these problems properly in this article and will also provide easy solutions to fix these problems on your own.

So, keep reading this article till the end to understand all the problems and their solutions.

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4 Main Reasons and 4 Solutions to Fix Nespresso Flashing Lights Even After Being Descaled

Reason 1: Your Nespresso Is Actively Descaling

When a Nespresso machine is accidentally activated in the descaling cycle, it is one of the most common reasons for flashing lights.

You should follow the instructions for quitting the descaling process if you notice that the lights are flashing rapidly and continue to do so for extended period of time.

Solution 1:

Hold down the buttons that will be blinking for around six seconds or until the machine beeps clearly.

You may then let go of the buttons, and the system should automatically leave the descaling mode when this has occurred.

If this method is unsuccessful, the issue either originates from another problem or is much more severe.

In such cases, contacting Nespresso customer support is the best solution to fix the problem.

Reason 2: Your Nespresso is Preheating

It’s possible that the Nespresso machine’s light is blinking because it’s still warming up.

This happens when a user plugs in the machine for the first time and presses either button once.

Solution 2:

Allow the machine to reach the pre-programmed temperature for few seconds.

The buttons will start flashing and continue to do so until the correct temperature is reached.

At this point, the buttons will stop blinking and become solid.

This allows you to choose the cup size you like before the machine starts brewing.

Reason 3: Blocked Traces Of Capsule Materials In Your Nespresso

On rare occasions, a capsule may get stuck in the Nespresso machine’s mechanism.

When this occurs, the device is unable to function and warns the user by turning on a maintenance light.

Solution 3:

If the lights keep flashing for few minutes, then it is advised to inspect the capsule container carefully.

See if any of the capsules have unintentionally been blocked.

If so, the capsule should be securely removed.

After that only, the Nespresso machine will stop flashing lights.

Reason 4: Low Water Level in the Water Tank

Lack of sufficient water in the water reservoir of the Nespresso machine is another important issue that can cause flashing lights problem even after the machine is properly descaled.

If the water tank runs out of water, the machine won’t be able to function correctly.

The lack of water will cause the light to begin flashing.

Solution 4:

The solution is pretty simple for this problem.

Don’t ever keep the water tank of the Nespresso machine half-filled or empty.

The water tank should always be filled with water fully.

Also make sure that the machine’s light should be turned off if the user discovers that it is empty.

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7 Steps to Follow to Properly Reset a Nespresso Machine After Descaling

Before the green light turns back on, the machine typically blinks three times in a span of three seconds.

You may then use it to brew the coffee you want. After being reset, it will be available for usage once again.

You’re nearly done when the light turns green!

Step 1: Press the hot milk or flat white buttons for five seconds at a time to restart your machine.

Wait some time for the descale and clean warning light to go off.

Step 2: Hold the power button down for a further five seconds.

Now that the system should be returned to its default configuration.

If it isn’t, clean and re-calibrate it by following the instructions below.

Step 3: Press the flat white or hot milk buttons if the red light remains on for more than five seconds.

The device should enter menu mode now.

You may choose the drink you want to prepare after the menu has been presented.

Step 4: To add or remove milk foam, press the milk foam button after that.

Your machine is now prepared to brew your very first excellent cup of coffee!

Restarting your Nespresso machine requires five seconds of power button depressing.

It ought to be prepared in a short while!

To stop it from running continually, just make sure the water tank is empty.

After that, you could try reprogramming your device.

It’s possible that you’ll run across a brand-new issue!

Step 5: Turn off the orange light on your Nespresso machine to restart it.

Next, simultaneously push the hot milk and flat white buttons for three seconds.

When this happens, your Nespresso will be ready for use when the LEDs flash three times.

They may need to be rescaled if they don’t blink.

Now, you should be able to use your system once again after descaling.

You will be able to see an orange light on your device after that.

Three seconds of lever actuation is required to activate the orange light.

Your machine is ready for use after the orange light has stopped flashing.

Step 6: Press the power button for a second time for five seconds if you don’t see the orange or green lights.

The LEDs should then be stable.

You can go forward if they remain stable.

Your Nespresso machine has to be turned back on after descaling.

It must be turned off if the orange light is still on.

If the orange light is on, you need to wait a little while.

Then, switch the device on to see whether it is operating properly.

When it is prepared for usage, the orange light will ultimately go off.

Step 7: Finally, do not fill the water tank of your Nespresso machine before descaling it.

The device will not function properly if you do this.

Try to drain the water tank completely and replace it with new water to avoid this problem.

The coffee button should now be pressed five times.

You should see five orange blinks from your coffee button.

You will also see a white glow after a short while.

This indicates that the descaling procedure has ended properly.

Why is My Nespresso Machine Flashing and Not Working?

If this problem occurs, then you must understand that your Nespresso has started the descaling process.

However, you should not worry if this happens.

For a few seconds, you may push both buttons simultaneously to complete the action.

After this, your Nespresso machine will stop flashing and will no longer be in descaling mode.

It is now well prepared to provide you the best cup of espresso coffee that you dream for.

Why Does My Nespresso Machine Lights Flashing 3 times?

If your Nespresso machine lights start flashing 3 times, then you must descale your machine as early as possible.

By descaling, you will be able to remove the internal minerals and limescale buildup formed in the machine components.

The best thing to use for descaling your Nespresso machine is Nespresso Descaling Solution.

I highly recommend you to use this descaling solution to get the best cleaning results.


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