Philips Saeco Xelsis Leaking Water from Bottom – 3 Main Reasons and 3 Solutions to Fix Water Leakage

It’s a real treat getting freshly brewed espresso and latte from your Philips Saeco Xelsis Espresso Machine every morning.

However, abrupt and untimely water leakage from the bottom of this machine can flood your kitchentop pretty quickly.

The water leaking issue with the Saeco Xelsis machine is not a rare issue.

But it’s pretty annoying and frustrating experience for the machine user for sure.

Just think how you’d feel when you wake up early in the morning to finish your last night’s work and start the Saeco Xelsis machine to get a coffee for your morning freshness.

But instead of fresh coffee, you got water leaking from the machine, spreading all over the kitchen.

So annoying, right?

It is not just annoying, but the water leaking issue with your coffee machine can be quite harmful to your machine as well.

If not fixed in time, it can lead to bigger problems that can cost you both your time and a lot of money on machine repair later on.

In this article, I will help you save both your time and money.

Here, I have listed the 3 main reasons and their 3 simple solutions to fix the water leaking issue in your Philips Saeco Xelsis espresso machine.

The first and foremost reason for this is that your machine’s water tank is not placed properly.

Due to this, you may see clear water under the machine or beside its water tank.

To fix it, place the water tank properly in the machine and it will stop the water leakage from its bottom.

This is just one of the reasons and solutions for the water leaking issue with your Saeco Xelsis machine.

Continue reading this article to understand all the main problems that cause water leakage from the bottom of this machine.

And also, I am providing their simple solutions so that you can quickly fix those problems on your own.

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3 Main Reasons Why Saeco Xelsis Leaks Water from The Bottom

Reason 1: The Machine is Draining Rinsing Water

Even if you store the rinsing water from the coffee spout in a cup or a glass, you will still see water coming out from the drip tray.

This is because the coffee machine drains water from the inside directly to the drip tray while brewing coffee or automatic rinsing.

This is the most common procedure happening in the Philips Saeco Xelsis machine and there is really nothing to worry about.

Reason 2: The Drip Tray is too Full

You should empty and clean the drip tray of your coffee machine every couple of days to ensure no water leaks from it.

If not, the drip tray can be too much full of water and it will spill the water from it outside the area of the machine, causing you a big headache and trouble.

Reason 3: The Rubber Inserts on the Drip Tray are Damaged

The removable drip tray of your Saeco Xelsis machine comes with two rubber inserts on the back side.

They are designed to ensure that the tray is properly attached to the machine.

When they are damaged or wither away, the drip tray becomes loose from the machine.

And after that, water starts leaking from there whenever the machine performs automatic rinsing or coffee brewing.

These three are the major causes why your Philips Saeco Xelsis leaks water from its bottom.

If you find none of these reasons visible in your machine, then you should get in touch with the company customer service to fix the water leak issue.

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3 Simple solutions to Fix Water Leakage of Philips Saeco Xelsis Coffee Machine

In the previous section, we came across three possible reasons for the water leakage in your Philips Saeco Xelsis coffee machine.

Below, I have listed 3 possible solutions for those three reasons in an arranged order.

(The first solution is for the first reason and so on).

Solution 1: Let the Machine Drain Water as it Does

You do not need to worry when the machine is doing its work.

While automatically rinsing or brewing coffee, it drains rinsing water to the drip tray every time.

Just let it do its work and place some cotton cloth underneath the machine so that it can absorb the spilled water.

Solution 2: Empty and Clean the Drip Tray

The drip tray is made to store water coming out from the coffee machine.

Usually, the tray becomes full every couple of days or when you use the coffee machine more often than regular.

Then, you may see water coming out from it and spreading around the area.

To fix this issue, just empty the removable drip tray and clean it with a soft cotton cloth.

You can also rinse it to make it cleaner.

Solution 3: Fix or Replace the Old Rubber Inserts

The removable drip tray is a very crucial part of the Philips Saeco Xelsis coffee machine.

It not only stores water from brewed coffee but also the rinsed water that comes out when the machine performs automatic rinsing.

This drip tray comes with two rubber inserts on the back to make sure its attachment to the machine is compact.

When the rubber inserts get damaged or removed, the bond between the tray and the machine becomes loose.

And when this happens, the water coming out from the machine starts leaking instead of going into the drip tray.

To fix it, you need to fix the rubber inserts and see if they can be re-inserted into the tray.

If not, you will need to get a new pair of rubber inserts for the drip tray.


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