Nespresso Pixie Leaking Water from Bottom – 4 Main Issues and 2 Easy Solutions

Nespresso Pixie Maker can be easily considered one of the leading coffee machine manufacturers in today’s era.

Nespresso coffee makers are a terrific option for making outstanding coffee in the morning without exceeding your daily coffee budget.

Nevertheless, despite Nespresso’s increasing popularity, some coffee users keep complaining about the machine regularly.

Some of those complaints are occasional or regular spilling of coffee and water leakages from its top and bottom.

When you require your Nespresso the most, it could fail for a variety of reasons, including wear and strain and bad luck.

Nespresso makers may break, like numerous other electrical appliances.

In this article, I am about to explain why Nespresso Pixie maker starts leaking water from its bottom side.  

What may be the cause of it? How do you solve it?

Quite often the Nespresso Pixie machine leakage can happen due to water collecting below your appliance or dripping from the capsule container.

In this case, several casual coffee drinkers conclude that the Nespresso coffee maker has to be replaced since it isn’t operating properly.

Regardless of the origin, the leaking issue may be rapidly fixed if the root of the problem is identified.

Some of the most important reasons for abrupt water leakage in your Pixie machine can be related to the malfunction of its water tank, internal pipework, and faulty heating element or water pump as well as leakage in its drip tray.

To remove this leakage problem and make your machine working like new one, I am providing 4 main reasons behind this problem.

I am also giving out my 2 simple solutions that you can implement to get rid of this water leakage problem once and for all.

Therefore, keep reading this article till the end.

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4 Main Reasons Why Nespresso Pixie Leaks Water from its Bottom

When Nespresso Pixie starts leaking water, then, it causes pools or drips of water to accumulate beneath it.

After running the machine, try lifting it to inspect for leaks.

Depending on the severity of the problem within the equipment, water is lost in varying amounts.

Here are 4 main issues that are responsible for abrupt water leakage in your Pixie maker.

1. Damaged Water Tank

Sometimes, you don’t notice the damage of your machine’s water reservoir.

To identify any damage to the water tank, you first need to separate the water reservoir with caution and inspect it for breakage.

Additionally, ensure the rubber seals connecting the water reservoir to the majority of the gadget are undamaged and not seeping.

Examine the connection of the water reservoir to the rest of the equipment.

There are two ways to determine if the storage tank is leaking water.

1. Look for any visible flaws. The water reservoir has to be replaced if you see any kind of fracture.

2. Fill the container with water and place it on a soft towel to identify any internal breakage of the water tank.

If the towel gets moist or soaked after few minutes, that means there is some defect in your Nespresso Pixie machine’s water reservoir.

To purchase a new water tank, you can get in touch with Nespresso customer support.

You can also search thrift shops and recycling facilities for the replacement.

Sometimes, new Nespresso Pixie water tanks are available online which you can search on Google to find more details.

2. Faulty Internal Pipework

Running the Nespresso equipment while dismantling to check for water leakage is a simple technique to locate Thermo block leakage.

To locate the problematic part within the Nespresso maker, remove the rear cover of the appliance.

It should only be done if the device’s warranty has indeed expired since doing so may void the warranty on your Coffee machine.

3. Broken Pump or Heating Element

Due to fluctuations in the current flow, the Nespresso Pixie maker may experience disturbances while in operation.

As a result, certain parts of the circulating fluid may become loose and the appliance may begin to leak.

4. Water Leakage from The Drip Tray

Some Nespresso machines start leaking in the drip tray when the spill pans that collect the water full up and start to fall onto the other component.

In this case, you may simply take out the pan, empty it, and then put it back in place to prevent the leak.

For more in-depth guidance on this topic, I recommend checking out my other article related to this issue.

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2 Easy Solutions to Fix Water Leakage of Nespresso Pixie Machine

Nespresso Pixie water leakage is a serious issue that must be addressed as soon as possible.

Therefore, it is essential to take care of it before this issue further worsens over time and damages your machine in the long term.

1. Cleaning or Descaling of Nespresso Pixie Machine

The Nespresso Pixie maker leaks as a result of a blockage in the piping.

The major cause of these jams is limescale accumulation.

It is thus usually advised to descale your Nespresso Pixie maker every few weeks or after you prepare at least 30 coffee cups.

And after each coffee making, clean the device’s capsule container.

You won’t ever have the issue of water leakages in your Nespresso maker if you follow the regular cleaning and descaling schedule.

2. Get in Touch with Nespresso Customer Support

If even after regular cleaning, your machine still does not stop leaking water from top or bottom, then there may be an issue with your machine’s internal components.

It is recommended to contact Nespresso Customer Care in such a situation.


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