Breville Barista Express Programming Not Working – 4 Main Reasons That Cause Programming Malfunction

Suppose, your Breville Barista Express coffee machine is brewing your daily coffee but there is still no coffee is coming out of the machine.

What could be the possible reasons behind this problem?

One of the most important causes can be a programming malfunction of your Breville espresso machine.

There are several potential reasons for programming function not working for your coffee machine.

After some research, I found out that there are 4 main reasons behind programming malfunction and those are the problems related to the control board, switch, circuitry and indoor regulator of your Breville Barista Express machine.

In this article, I will provide detailed explanation for these problems and will also provide 4 simple solutions to fix these problems quickly.

So, I recommend you to read this article till the end to understand the underlying causes and their solutions to solve programming malfunction issue of your Breville coffee machine.

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4 Main Reasons That Cause Program Button Malfunction in Breville Barista Express Machine

When you see that there is some problem with the program button of your Breville Barista Express machine, typically this issue can be caused due to following 4 reasons.

Reason 1: Power Switch Malfunction

The power switch of the machine can wear out with time or from accidental power surges.

After this, the power switch or power button starts to malfunction and it prevents turning On of your coffee machine.

In this case, you need to completely turn off the coffee machine and replace the problematic power switch.

Reason 2: Bad Fuse and Circuitry

Another reason for program button malfunction can be attributed towards bad or damaged fuse as well as internal circuitry of the machine.

Fuses provide protection against overheating and they trip when the warming component in the coffee machine becomes overheated.

In case, your coffee machine isn’t warming and yet the indoor regulator is working, then the warm circuit could be the issue and it required new replacement.

In this situation, you need to call the Breville customer support to change the internal circuitry of the machine.

Reason 3: Problematic Control Board

When your Breville espresso machine does not properly switch on and heat up, then most probably the problem is related to the control board of the machine.

You can verify this problem by clicking all the function buttons on your machine.

If they do not work properly, then in most cases, the control board might be flawed or damaged.

In this case, you need to replace the old control board with the new one.

Get in touch with Breville customer support to replace the damaged control board.

Reason 4: Indoor Regulator Malfunction

The indoor regulator in your Breville coffee machine gauges and coordinates the hotness of a particular temperature through the components.

At the point when it surpasses this temperature, the indoor regulator flags the coffee machine to shut down.

Check if the indoor regulator is in the On position, and in case the dial has stuck in the off position, you want to replace it.

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3 Steps to Reset or Reprogram Breville Barista Express Machine

There are actually 3 simple steps to reset or reprogram your  Breville Barista Express machine at home.

Those 3 steps are mentioned as follows.

Step 1: Find the “Program” button on your Breville Barista Express machine.

Step 2: Now press this program button till you hear 3 beep sounds.

Step 3: Finally, release this program button to reset the machine to its default settings.

Resetting your Breville coffee machine will return every one of the saved settings to its default settings.

The coffee shot volumes and temperature settings will get back to their default levels.

You can likewise reset it by setting the machine on backup, turning off from the electrical plug and afterwards plugging it back in following a couple of moments.

Note: The metal pieces of the portafilter will be exceptionally hot in this situation.

4 Steps to Properly Program Breville Barista Express to Get Right Espresso Shots

Here are 4 important steps to program the 1 CUP, 2 CUP, Single Espresso and Double Espresso shot buttons on your Breville Barista Express machine.

Step 1: Programming 1 Cup Espresso

First, you need to press the 1 Cup button one time only.

At this stage, 30 ml volume of espresso is released.

The machine stops on its own once this volume of espresso is obtained.

Here, setting the right grind size and grind amount is very important in order to get the right volume of coffee.

Step 2: Programming 2 Cup Espresso

First thing is you need to press 2 Cup button only one time on this machine.

At this level, 60 ml volume of espresso will be released which is a preset volume.

The machine stops on its own when this 60 ml espresso is extracted.

Step 3: Programming Single Espresso

For this step, you need to first press “Program” button on your Breville machine.

After that, there will be a single beep sound and program button starts to flash automatically.

This is called as “Program Mode” for the machine.

Now, you can begin espresso brewing by pressing 1 Cup button.

When you get the required espresso level, then you can click on 1 Cup button again to stop the extraction process.

Now, Breville machine will make beep sound two times which means your single espresso extraction has been completed.

Step 4: Programming Double Espresso

Just like single espresso extraction process, you need to first click “Program” button only a single time.

The machine will make beep sound once and after that you will see that program button has started to flash.

Now, you will realize that your Breville machine has entered programming mode.

Now, to get the double espresso of your choice, you will need to click on 2 Cup espresso option.

When you get the required level of espresso, then you can press 2 cup button again to stop the extraction procedure.

Finally, the machine will make beep sound two times to convey you that the double espresso extraction process has been completed.


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