Breville Oracle Touch Won’t Turn On – 5 Main Reasons and 5 Solutions

Breville Oracle Touch is a super impressive espresso machine that serves you all types of coffee within few minutes.

From latte to flat white to Americano or espresso shot, you just name it and this machine serves you the same coffee with just few clicks of buttons.

What I specially liked about Breville Oracle Touch is its ability to produce each type of coffee with precise accuracy as well as consistency of auto tamping function.

Coffee brewing and extraction is super easy and without any headache.

Its milk frother also produces very consistent and dense milk foam which is necessary to get the right flavor and taste in your coffee.

However, like any other coffee machine, sometimes Breville Oracle Touch faces certain technical issues such as not turning on when you switch it on.

Today, in this article, I am actually going to talk about why your Breville Oracle Touch machine does not turn on when we power on the machine.

But before moving forward, let us know some basics about Breville Oracle Touch.

If you are a coffee lover, you require a perfect coffee machine.

Getting a cup of coffee in the morning will give you positive energy for the whole day.

Breville Oracle Touch is a coffee machine that is available with a touch screen system.

It is also a perfect dual boiler machine with excellent boiler features.

However, in certain situations, machines can have sudden problems.

In this machine, the first problem I got was Breville Oracle Touch wasn’t Turning On.

I did a deep research to find a suitable solution for this problem.

This Breville Oracle Touch machine can stop for various reasons such as damaged power cord or a fuse.

Sometimes, the machine knob (On/Off Switch) can be broken or the machine’s thermostat can be damaged.

In certain situations, due to circuit breaker tripping, the circuit board can also be damaged.

In all of these conditions, your machine does not start properly or does not even turn on after your press the power on button.

Today through this article, I will explain all these problems in details and will provide their solutions as well.

So, keep reading this article till the end.

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5 Main Reasons Why Breville Oracle Touch Machine Does not Turn On

Think, if you wake up, you are ready to start your morning with a cup of coffee, and you find out that your Breville Oracle Touch machine is not turning on.

If you have seen this situation, don’t give up on your machine yet.

The cause behind the machine not turning on might not be so complicated and it can be fixed easily with the right knowledge.

Here are the 5 possible reasons that can cause abrupt stopping of your Breville machine once it is turned on.

Reason 1: Power Cord Gets Damaged

Reason 2: The Knob (On/Off Button) is Broken

Reason 3: The Fuse is Broken

Reason 4: Thermostat of the Machine is Bad

Reason 5: The Circuit Board is Burnt or Damaged

Besides these five major causes, here are a few normal routine issues that can occur to your Breville coffee machine.

Sometimes switches are not accurately plugged-in.

So, you can check if the machine is receiving proper electric power.

If not, then replace the electrical connection or power source.

Then the power surge can be so drastic that it can damage the circuit board on a coffee maker.

As a result, your Breville Oracle Touch machine will not turn on.

Most of the external surges cannot be controlled, but you can still check for some common causes of inner surges such as the follows.

1. Unplugging the devices that you are not using.

It’s the easiest way to avoid power surge issues.

2. You can also upgrade the inadequate wiring of your kitchen.

3. By fixing overloaded circuits, you can avoid power fluctuations.

5 Solutions to Fix The Problem of Breville Oracle Touch Not Turning On

You can hopefully fix the Breville coffee machine on/off problems through outside testing.

But if it is still not working, you will need to check for the inner problems too.

So, to check and fix turning on or off issues in your machine from the inner side, you will need the following tools.

1. A Screwdriver (cross or flat shaped, depending on your screw’s cuts)

2. Pliers (sometimes needed)

3. A Multimeter

You can use a multimeter to get help to make sure if any part needs replacement and test the conductivity.

So, let us start the procedure of fixing the problem of not turning on the Breville Oracle Touch Machine.

Solution 1: Replace the Broken Power Cord

First, you will need to check the power cord of your machine.

The power cord can possibly be damaged if you see your machine sometimes turns on and then turn off suddenly with a bit of movement.

At this time, you cannot be sure if it’s completely damaged but likely to be damaged.

This can happen due to keeping the cord tangled most of the time or due to being pressed strongly.

Sometimes, the damage is not visible, and it might look good from the outside.

But it doesn’t mean that it is fine on the inner side.

It might be broken from inside and that’s why careful inspection is necessary.

If you find the power cord damaged or broken, then you definitely need to repair it first.

If not repaired, then you need to buy a new power cord and replace the older one with the new one.

You can look your model up on google or a company website and order the new replacement cord to fix this problem.

Solution 2:  Repair or Replace a Broken Knob

Unfortunately, you cannot confirm this as a problem from the outside.

Your machine could be operational.

So, it’s time to get started with your tools.

Unplug the Breville Oracle Touch machine, and remove its top lid.

You can find it usually where the screws are or at the bottom of the appliances.

Open the screws, identify the switch behind the knob and test the conductivity with your multimeter.

If there is no power, then you should replace it for sure.

Get a new power button and change the old knob with the new one to fix the power problem of your machine.

Solution 3: Change the Blown or Broken Fuse

If you see that your Breville coffee maker has stopped turning on right after a big blackout, then one of its fuses might have blown out.

Overheating of the machine can cause fuse or heating element damage.

If this happens, then you definitely need a new fuse replacement.

Locate your fuse and test it with your multimeter to make sure that the part is not working properly.

After that confirmation, remove the fuse and install the new one to solve the on/off problem of your machine.

Solution 4: Replace the Bad Thermostat

Most of the new Breville machines such as Oracle Touch are smart enough.

And it will show you if the machine’s thermostat is at fault or damaged.

It will automatically prevent you from using the machine in that condition.

Therefore, if you find the thermostat is broken, then just get it replaced with the new working thermostat.

If you don’t know how to do it, then get in touch the company customer support and tell them to replace it.

Solution 5: Change the Burnt or Damaged Circuit Board

A drastic power surge or a Breville Oracle Touch overheating issue can damage the circuit board of a machine.

It can be the main reason behind your machine’s not turning on problem.

This is the time to make an important decision to repair or replace the internal circuitry of the machine which gets damaged.

If the circuit board gets damaged, it severely affects the appliance performance because the circuit board is usually its central component which controls most of the internal functions.

You can call a technician or a company support executive to either repair or replace the old burnt out circuit board of your machine.

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3 Steps to Reset Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine

To perform a factory reset, make sure the machine is turned off.

Step 1: Press and hold the one cup button.

Step 2: Then press and hold the power button together for 3 seconds.

Step 3: Finally, press the select button, and now your machine has been reset to its factory settings.

Watch the following video to understand how you can easily reset your Breville Oracle Touch machine.


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