Philips Saeco Xelsis Milk Frother Not Working – 4 Reasons and 4 Easy Solutions

A cup of coffee can never be complete without those beautiful frothed milk designs over the top.

The finely textured frothed milk doesn’t only add to the appearance of your coffee cup but also takes its taste to a next level.

But you cannot enjoy this cup of coffee with frothed milk if your Philips Saeco Xelsis Machine’s milk frother is not working.

I am saying this because a large number of customers have complained about the milk frother in the Saeco Xelsis model.

In the coffee machine, the milk frother sometimes stops working and you do not get your favorite cup of coffee with that heart-shaped design.

But worry not, I am going to help you fix this issue.

In this article, I have primarily listed 4 main reasons why the milk frother in your Saeco Xelsis espresso machine is not working.

Along with that, I have also provided 4 simple solutions to fix those issues too!

So, make sure you read the article till the end to never miss your favorite latte art coffee in the morning. Haha!

As far as the reasons are concerned, the first reason for this issue is the quality of the milk you are going to froth.

If you are using inferior quality milk for the frothing process, there are high chances that the milk frother won’t work properly.

This is because poor quality milk contains different minerals and elements that can damage the milk frothing system.

As a fix, make sure you always use high-quality milk to froth your favorite cup of coffee.

There are other reasons also why the milk frother in your Saeco Xelsis is not working.

I have tried to list all the important ones in the further sections of the article.

So, do read this article till the end to understand all those issues and their solutions.

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4 Main Reasons Why Saeco Xelsis’s Milk Frother Does Not Work

Reason 1: Clogged or Dirty Milk Carafe Parts

It’s quite obvious for your coffee machine’s milk frother to not work properly if its parts are dirty and clogged with debris.

Either after very heavy use or because of putting it in an open place, your espresso machine can become dirty.

And due to that, small particles of minerals, coffee, or other things can interrupt the milk frothing process of the machine.

This can be the reason why your Saeco Xelsis is not frothing milk properly.

Reason 2: You Haven’t Pulled out Carafe Dispensing Spout Properly

The carafe dispensing spout of your coffee machine prevents the machine from overflowing or leaking.

For that, it is attached to the machine every time after using the milk frother.

If your espresso machine isn’t frothing the kind of milk you had expected, check if that spout isn’t obstructing the flow.

Reason 3: Milk Tube is not Connected to the Frothing Element

It is a really big possibility that the milk tube is not connected to the frothing element of your machine.

That is why it is unable to froth milk properly, or even completely.

The milk tube is the pipe through which milk flows around and reaches the milk frother for the frothing.

But in case it isn’t connected to the latter, the frothing process will not take place.

Reason 4: Lack of Sufficient Amount of Milk

Your coffee maker cannot provide you with finely frothed milk texture if it doesn’t get enough milk to froth.

So, if you are unable to get frothed milk from your Saeco Xelsis, see if you are adding the right amount of milk to it.

These are three possible reasons that can prevent your Philips Saeco Xelsis Machine from frothing high-quality milk.

In the next section, I am going to provide 4 simple solutions to the above listed problems.

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4 Easy Solutions to Fix Milk Frothing System of Saeco Xelsis Machine

Solution 1: Clean the Milk Carafe Parts Properly

Cleaning the milk carafe parts is a very simple and straightforward process with the Philips Saeco Xelsis.

To do this, just detach all the parts, which is quite simple.

And then clean them with either warm water or a washing powder.

For me, warm water seems to be more effective and healthier than any washing liquid.

However, if the dirt is severe, then the latter would be a better option.

Solution 2: Pull out the Carafe Dispensing Spout Completely

You would never want that little carafe dispensing spout to come between you and your favorite cup of coffee, would you?

This is why, you need to make sure it is pulled out completely.

This is very important to ensure, so that there is nothing to interrupt the milk frothing process.

Solution 3: Connect the Milk Tube to the Frothing Element

If there is no milk reaching the frothing element of your coffee machine, how is the machine supposed to froth it?

You have to make sure that your Saeco Xelsis Machine froths the best quality milk for your espresso cup.

And for that, you have to connect the milk tube to the frothing element so that milk can pass through its way flawlessly.

Solution 4: Add Enough Milk to the Coffee Machine

Refer to the user manual that has come with your Saeco Xelsis coffee machine.

You can also ask the coffee machine seller or an expert to know how much milk you should add to the machine to get your perfectly-frothed coffee.

For me, it is usually half a cup of milk with the same amount of water to get my medium taste coffee.

Yours can be a bit different though.

Before implementing any of these 4 solutions to fix your coffee machine milk frother, you need to first find the root cause of this problem.

For that, I have already provided all the possible causes above.

Just go through those problems and then apply the respective solution to fix the milk frother of your Philips Saeco Xelsis Coffee Machine.


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