Philips Saeco Xelsis Error Code 2 – 2 Main Reasons of Error Code 2 and 2 Easy Solutions

If you are a true coffee lover who loves to drink not only a regular coffee but also a delicious cappuccino, espresso, macchiato, and other interesting flavors then Saeco Xelsis Automatic Espresso machine is for you.

In this machine, you can even store your favorite coffee profile with minute details so that you can always get your preferred taste of coffee.

With its unique LatteDuo system, you can simply choose the option on its touch screen and you can get single or double serving of your favourite latte, cappuccino or even macchiato.

Plus, with this machine, you get external milk carafe and an in-built high-tech ceramic grinder as well which makes your life much easier when it comes to preparing coffee in the machine.

Philips Saeco Xelsis Espresso machine is truly a versatile and dynamic espresso machine which comes under the super automatic coffee machine category.

Yeah, ironically, it does not create milk and coffee itself but prepares the tastiest cup of coffee when you put those ingredients inside.

But as we all know, every machine has its own pros and cons.

Phillips Saeco Xelsis machine does show different types of error codes when using this machine on a regular basis.

Now, it can be a bit annoying and frustrating experience for people who are in a hurry in the morning to go to their job or business.

In this article, I am going to specifically talk about one such errors which you often get to see in this machine and that is the error code 2.

I will tell you why your Saeco Xelsis espresso machine displays this error code 2 and what it stands for.

Along with that, I will also be providing you with some of the best possible solutions to fix this error in your machine.

First of all, you should know that the error code 2 in your Saeco Xelsis machine stands for the jammed grinder.

When you see this error code displayed on the control panel of your coffee machine, you will need to turn off the machine immediately.

This has to be done to prevent the grinder from any further damage.

There are multiple reasons why your coffee machine’s grinder gets jammed.

One of the most common of all is because something has stuck between the burrs.

It can be anything; from a broken nail or glass to a small piece of pebble or plastic.

Gladly, fixing it isn’t that difficult.

First, empty the grinder and make sure nothing else is stuck there.

Then, start it until the top burr has been separated from the grinder.

Simply clean it and remove that stuck particle and put back the burr to the grinder.

And it’s done!

Well, this solution only works if something is stuck in your machine’s grinder.

But if this is not the case, I have listed other reasons that cause this error code 2 and their fixes in the further sections of the article.

Continue reading the article to understand those problems and their solutions as well.

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8 Main Error Codes of Philips Saeco Xelsis Machine

Like Breville Oracle Touch machine error codes, Philips Saeco Xelsis machine also comes with different error codes.

These error codes stand for specific problems caused inside the machine.

Below, I have listed 8 main error codes of the machine along with their meanings.

Error Code 1: Coffee Grinder Error

Error Code 2: Coffee Grinder is Jammed

Error Code 3: Brew Group Error

Error Code 4: Brew Group is not placed correctly

Error Code 5: The water circuit has air trapped inside

Error Code 14: The machine is overheated

Error Code 11 and 19: The coffee machine needs to adjust to the ambient temperature.

These are the main error codes that you may see in your Saeco Xelsis machine at some point of time after you start using it.

If these error codes are displayed on your coffee machine’s panel, then you should at least understand what is the underlying problem of your machine.

When you see any of these errors on the control panel, then you must first shut down your machine immediately.

And after that, follow the appropriate steps to fix the specific error code on your machine.

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2 Main Reasons Why You Get Error Code 2 on Philips Saeco Xelsis Machine

Getting the “error code 2” on your Saeco Xelsis is a matter of concern for you.

If this code appears, it means that the grinder of the machine is either damaged or jammed.

This can be causes due to multiple reasons.

Apart from the one mentioned at the start of the article, here are 2 main reasons that can cause the error code 2 in your machine.

Reason 1: The Grinder is Damaged Permanently

In my opinion, this case is rare.

Still, if you are getting the error code 2 message on your Saeco Xelsis’s panel every time you press the espresso button, it means that the grinder may have been damaged permanently.

In this case, you will be able to start the machine normally but as soon as you press the espresso button, the machine will be stopped.

The grinder can be damaged either because of a coffee bean stuck inside it or because you have overused it.

Reason 2: The Grinding Shaft has been Broken

Another possible reason why your coffee machine is continuously displaying error code 2 is that the grinding shaft could have been broken.

In a coffee machine grinder, the bottom burr turns and grinds against the top burr.

This process is essential to grind the beans properly and provide you with the right taste and flavor in your coffee.

This bottom burr is secured to the grinder with a holder, known as the grinding shaft.

In case this shaft is broken, the grinder does not work and the machine displays the error code 2.

2 Simple Solutions to Fix Error Code 2 on Philips Saeco Xelsis Machine

Now you know the 2 main reasons that cause your Saeco Xelsis coffee machine to display error code 2.

In this section, I will explain more about how to solve those problems when you encounter any one of them.

Solution 1: Replace the Machine Grinder

If you are sure that your machine’s grinder is broken or damaged, then also make sure that there is no way of fixing it.

If there is no possibility of fixing the grinder, then you can replace it with the new working one.

You can either get a new grinder replacement from the Philips official store or from the retail store you earlier bought this machine.

Solution 2: Fix or Replace the Grinding Shaft

If you think the grinding shaft is the reason for your trouble, then turn off your coffee machine and see if your doubt is real.

If the problem truly lies in the broken shaft then you either need to fix it or replace it as soon as possible.

You can try these 2 solutions when you see the error code 2 on Your Saeco Xelsis coffee machine.

But in case neither of these fixes work, then you have to contact the official customer service of Philips and get it fixed from the company’s technical staff.


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